Paul Harris Fellowships

Paul Harris Fellowships

Paul Harris Fellowships are awarded on the basis of "points" accumulated by Clubs and individuals through donations to Foundation. One "point" is earned for every $1 donated.

A Paul Harris Fellowship may be requested for every 1000 "points".

You can find out out how many points your Club has from the RI website under My Rotary. This information can be accessed by Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers. Individuals can find out how many points they have in the same way. Most Clubs have plenty of credit points and can therefore award Fellowships. In Britain, many Clubs award PHFs to individuals (Rotarians and non-Rotarians) who have given outstanding service. PHFs can  be requested to recognise significant financial contributions as well.

To request a PHF you go to the Rotary GB&I website and login to Member Access. Then go to the section titled Club and District Support and look for Awards and Recognitions.

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