Revised and updated strategy document

The MPRC Committee is now renamed as the Communications Committee.


1.0       Introduction

The following describes the Communications Strategy, which the District proposes to adopt as from 30 November 2014, with amendments arising from the Focus Group on the website.

2.0       Purpose

To simplify communications across clubs and the District;

To cut out unnecessary communications; and

To present a positive image of Rotary to the wider community.

3.0       Means of communication

The key means of communication will be as follows:

The District 1010 website will be the main source of information for clubs and Rotarians.

In line with the constitution, the District Secretary and Treasurer will send official notices directly to club secretaries.

The website will have a public facing section, and also a section for ‘members only’.

A District 1010 Digest will be issued monthly to all Rotarians.

The Rotaryfirst e-bulletin will be issued 4 or 5 times per year to all Rotarians.

The Rotaryfirst printed magazine will be issued annually to clubs for circulation to the wider community

Publications from RI and RIBI will continue.

Social media including facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

4.0       Purposes of key publications

i.   The District 1010 Digest

District Officials will use this as their main means of communicating with clubs.  They will produce brief articles, and Rotarians can click on a link if they wish more information.  This will reduce the need for individual officers writing separately to clubs.

ii.   The Rotaryfirst e-bulletin

This will give clubs the chance to showcase their activities; highlight good practice; and advertise forthcoming events.

Rotarians can also share this bulletin with the wider community.

iii.  The Rotaryfirst magazine

This is a printed magazine, and is intended for the general public.

5.0       The District 1010 website

The website will be in three sections.  

Section 1 will be outward facing and intended for the wider community.  “What we do:”

Section 2 will be “For Rotarians”.  Rotary business and information for members.

Section 3 will be ‘members only’.  Confidential and personal information.

6.0       The Membership database

This is a key source of information between clubs, the District and Rotarians, and it is essential that it is updated by clubs whenever a change occurs in membership, or when Club Officers are changed.

7.0       The system in operation

The following Appendix summaries how the system will operate, and who will do what.

Appendix 1

 The Membership database

Club secretaries will be responsible for updating membership details on the database whenever membership changes, and when club officers change. 

Rotarians personally can also update their contact details should they change. They should notify the club secretary that changes have been made. 

This procedure is essential for effective communications, and for the publication of the District Directory, as information will be taken directly from the data provided by clubs.

 The 1010 Digest

District Officials send brief articles to the Editor (, and ensure that there is the appropriate information on the relevant website which can be accessed when Rotarians click on the link.

District Officials will use this as their means of communication with clubs.

The District Secretary will continue to issue registration documents for Council and notifications of formal meetings to Club Secretaries via a direct email with attachments as required.  Forms will also be put on the website. (Para 3 item iii)

 Rotaryfirst e-bulletin

Clubs will send articles to the Editor (

Rotaryfirst magazine

Clubs and District Officials will send articles to the editor (

DG’s newsletter     

 Written and circulated by the DG

The website 

Section 1 – the outward facing section

The District Webmaster will be the editor and guardian of the website.  All information should be sent to the Webmaster for inclusion on the outward facing section of the website. 

This section of the website is intended for the wider community, and is part of our Marketing and Public Relations strategy.

Section 2 – For Rotarians

District Officials, who have been trained and  authorized will publish information in their section of the ‘For Rotarians pages.  If they have neither been trained nor authorized,  the information should be sent to the Webmaster for inclusion.

Section 3 – Members Only

Confidential and personal information will be placed on pages that require a login to view.

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