Youth Service

Hundreds of youngsters take part every year in our youth competitions which in most cases take the form of regional heats followed by a national final. The majority are categorised into junior, intermediate and advanced age groups.


Our competitions are open to all young people either as a direct entry or via Youth organisations/ club and schools/colleges. They usually run from September to May each year.

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 Full details of the competition can be found in the Information Pack 

For all competitions contact your local Rotary club for an application form. Alternatively, please email the Youth Service Team Leader (or use the online form- send to Youth Service Team Leader) 

Rotary Young Chef

Cooking amongst young people is a valuable life skill. Sponsored by Filippo Berio, contestants prepare and present a three course meal within a pre-set budget and time limit, which is judged by an expert panel.

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Rotary Youth Speaks - A Debate

We encourage speaking and presentation skills in young people and this competition showcases superb quality speakers.

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Rotary Young Musician

Music is an international language and we encourage talented young people by providing this opportunity to demonstrate their musical skills..

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Rotary Young Photographer

Photography is a talent and an ever popular art form. Entrants submit three photographs on a theme in black and white or colour, along with a description of the inspiration for their photographs.

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 Rotary Young Writer

A flair for creative writing is a special gift and this competition promotes and encourages the work of young people who show talent. The winning writers are subsequently published in Rotary magazines.

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Rotary Technology Tournament

Teams of students interested in engineering and science compete in a one day event to devise and build a solution to an unseen technical task. Solutions are tested and judged against competing teams.

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Rotary Young Environmentalist

Present your unique solution to environmental problems by entering this competition and changing how we look at waste. You can enter as a team or or as an individual and come up with a clever way to address the challenge of waste minimisation.

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Rotary Young Film Maker

An opportunity for all young film makers to showcase their talents based on a specific theme.

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Rotary Young Artist

Share your creative talents with a wide audience by taking part in our new Young Artist theme based competition.

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Rotary Young Citizen Awards

These showcase the citizenship and responsibilities demonstrated by people under the age of 25. Winners receive a cash prize of £500 at our annual conference where the awards are presented.

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Additional Categories

Rotary Young Citizen Sporting Hero Award

To recognise and highlight the acheivements and contribution, as a positive role model to others, of a sports participant or a group or an individual or group who is enabling others to participate in sport. 

Rotary YoungCitizen Peacemaker Award

Reflecting Rotary's area of focus on Peace and conflict Prevention/Resolution, to recognise young people, under the age of 25, who have made a significant contributionby building peace and undertansding whether in their school, local community or with a peace project internationally.


New Generations Service Exchange

New Generations Service Exchange is a volunteering programme which provides opportunities for young people between 18 and 30 to undertake placements across the world or in their home country lasting anything from three weeks to six months. Placements may give vocational experience or humanitarian service or a mix of both relating to Rotary’s six areas of focus. This is the ideal programme for young people wanting to do something worthwhile for others and beneficial for their own careers before or during their studies or into their professional lives, while developing their personal skills and increasing their understanding of the world.

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Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) 

This is a global leadership development program which focuses on secondary school students, university students, or young professionals. District RYLA courses are run over a long weekend and cover a variety of topics including:

• Leadership fundamentals and ethics 
• Communication skills 
• Problem solving and conflict management 
• Mental Health Skills

Our courses are specifically for 16- 17 year olds (Typically school years 11 and 12).

We are hosting the course over the weekend of Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th July at Tile Barn Activity centre, Brockenhust.

Further information, including a downloadable leaflet can also be found at this link:    

For an Application form, please contact your local club or email for details of how you can get in touch 

The weekend course is free as all costs will be paid by your sponsoring club. 

Please note: the running of this course is subject to any Covid-19 Guidelines that are in place at the time (Governmental, Hampshire CC and Rotary). 

Rotary Youth Exchange 

One of the best youth exchange programmes in the world where participants can broaden their minds and their horizons with or without vocational experience or academic study. Exchanges can vary from a two week camp or tour, to a short term home stay, to a full year living and studying in another country.

The family of Rotary

Within Rotary we have clubs which cater for a range of age groups beginning with RotaKids for 7-12 year olds, Interact for 12-18 year olds and Rotaract for 18-30 year olds. These clubs, together with our programmes for young people, make up our Rotary family.

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