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The Corporate membership programme allows businesses and organisations to join Rotary. A company can designate up to four persons within the organisation to become full members of the Club.

As this is in the pilot stage, the Club and the business/organisation have the freedom to negotiate the arrangement between them. This is deliberate so we can learn from this and develop good practice.

Unlike Associate members, Corporate members are full members. They can take up positions in the Club and vote etc.

As full members they pay their membership fees.

Please note:-

Because the Corporate Membership Programme is in the pilot stage, not all Clubs are participating in it.  To learn if a Club is operating corporate membership in your area, just click on the Make An Enquiry button below.

Benefits of corporate membership:-
1.    Helps to raise the organisation’s profile.
2.    Provides an opportunity for corporate responsibility.
3.    Helps develop personal, vocational and business skills of staff.