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Our organisation survives because we know how to change and adapt to the needs of our future members.

In 2011 we launched our Rotary Growth Opportunities.  Recognising the pressures of time commitments on young professional, business and working people today, we have developed innovative opportunities to make Rotary more accessible.  One of these opportunities is the Satellite Club.

Today we are attracting younger people to Rotary by being flexible and allowing them to be innovative in meeting the object of Rotary. Many of them are joining Satellite Clubs.

Satellite Clubs are part of existing clubs that sponsor them. Even though Satellite Club members are members of their sponsoring Club, they have different meeting arrangements and ways of doing things. The Satellite Club members are given the freedom to develop in a way that suits their needs. They develop their own projects and activities and set their own goals.

We are encouraging Satellite Clubs to be innovative and flexible. We understand too well the demands on young working people today, so we need to encourage innovative ideas to make Rotary more accessible to them.