International Friendship Exchanges

Find out more about the opportunities for international friendship exchanges.

Would you like to experience a different culture and make new Rotary friends?  This is possible if you volunteer to take part in a Rotary Friendship Exchange.

District 1010 currently have invitations to visit and host a number of Districts including Australia (New South Wales), USA (New York State, New England and California), Sweden, Russia, New Zealand and Southern Africa.

What is involved in a Rotary Friendship Exchange?
On an exchange visit you will get to stay in Rotarians houses, enjoy their hospitality, see their community and Rotary in action as well as experiencing the scenery and cultural activities of another part of the world.

What exchange visits are current?
Currently we have three possible exchanges looking for Rotarians with family and friends to participate.


It is proposed that they come to Scotland in May / June and the suggested dates are 30th May to 12th June 2024 with us visiting in October 12th - 25th October 2024. The Australians propose that the Scottish team arrives Friday 11th October and stays in a hotel in Brisbane overnight, if flying to Brisbane, or stay in Coolangatta if flying via Sydney. 


Suggested dates for a visit for D1010 Rotarians – 15th – 25th August 2023. Our hosts suggest we fly to Stockholm a couple of days ahead of the visit to enjoy some time in the capital. They are happy to help organise hotels and arrange guiding. From there we will travel to our hosts in Karlstad, a city on Lake Vanern, and then to the ancient town of Arboga. Our final hosts will be in Vasteras, a city about 60 miles from Stockholm. Three or four days will be passed in each location.

This visit is open to Rotarians and family / friends. If you are interested in taking part in this visit or would like further details, please use the form below.

Are you interested in taking part in one of these Rotary Friendship Exchanges?
Please use the form below

My Club is interested in hosting.  How do we go about this?
Please discuss with Rotarians in your club and if you can find hosts for up to 12 people (usually 6 couples / some singles willing to share).

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