The response of clubs and Districts in RIBI to the lack of clean water for communities in Kenya has been tremendous already surpassing an investment of over £700K.  Most Districts and over 200 clubs are involved.  Thank you all - and it is continuing!!

When launched it was suggested that Rotary would be able to deliver clean water at £10 per person for life and currently we are delivering water at below that cost to well over 70,000 people.  The spreadsheet covers the RIBI funded sand dam building in Kenya. It covers all dams built since the opportunities of the sand dam technology were introduced to RIBI.   The spreadsheet lists dams and locations (so you can locate on Google maps) and includes which Districts are recognised on each.  We have been joined by District 3030 in India who are keen to fund a dam in Kenya.

The last Global Grant (known as GG4) took nearly a year to get approved, however we are expecting that process to now speed up.  We currently have one Grant (GG3) completing reporting, one grant (GG4) in the build phase, one grant (GG5) submitting and two (possibly three) further ready to submit.  For the first time we have been able to agree a forward plan that will use all the funding we expect. This is all covered at summary level at the end of the spreadsheet.

We expect to have over 40 sand dams built by year end 2016 and over 50 by end 2017.  Some include agriculture.  We have also triggered the UK Government and others to  build a further 10 dams - usually with agriculture.   Though most dams have been built in the central counties surrounding Mtito Andei, we have built two dams with the Massai in the South around Rombo.  We are also entering new areas of Kenya to the North - like the Northern Rangelands, which includes the Lekurruki elephant conservancy.  These present cultural challenges with several different tribes which historically have occasionally fought over water ownership.

The project looks like continuing to 2020 with huge demand.  To support that we are developing a new sand dam brochure tailored to Rotary.  We are also opening up new countries with three Districts working on funding projects in India.

For those interested I have attached a spreadsheet that lists all of the Rotary sponsored Sand Dams.

Excel Shreadsheet

PDF fromat

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