Rotary 1010 Digest Issue 28, January 2017

Important News from District for Clubs & Rotarians

Important News from District for Clubs & Rotarians


 Important Information from District 1010

Issue 28  -  January  2017


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Message from DG Roddy 
Message from DGE Graeme                  2017 District Conference
Message from District Secretary                2018 District Conference, RI Council on Resolutions
Important Dates & Actions                          
Foundation                                                          Grants, Rewards, Purple for Polio Tea Party            
International Service                               Syrian Crisis, Shoe Boxes, 
Youth Service                                                     Young Musician, RYLA, Young Writer & Photographer                                              
RI News                                                                Peace Fellowships, Teaching Teachers, Polio in Numbers    

Important items in each section are listed and highlighted in RED where action is required


                                                            Roddy Duncan DG


Fellow Rotarians
First of all Charlotte and I wish all of you and your families the very best of health and happiness in 2017.

It’s hard to believe, but we are now half way through the Rotary year, and it’s time to take stock.  Have we, in our clubs, delivered on what we said we would do at our Club Assembly?  Many clubs now have a formal mid-year review meeting in January.  Take stock, and remember that there are still 6 months of this year left – plenty of time to deliver on our promises.
Charlotte and I attended the Rotary Institute in November, and I felt I would share some of the quotes we heard then.  Here are a few:
  • ‘If your feet are stuck in the sand the tide will overtake you.’
  • ‘Age is and must be a serious concern.’
  •  'Our target is full gender parity in our clubs’.
  • 'Engagement is much more important than attendance’
  • 'If all we can offer young people is a warm meal and conversation with retirees they will walk away’.
  • ‘If you want to join a large network join Facebook.  If you want to join a quality network join Rotary.’
From the President-elect of Rotary International, Ian Riseley, ‘I love ties.  I have about 170 of them.  I just don’t like being compelled to wear one.’

And importantly,
‘Membership is Rotary International’s highest internal priority.  End Polio Now is Rotary International’s highest programme priority’.
Currently in membership we are not doing well this year in our District.  If we exclude the formation of two new Rotary clubs, the remaining 88 clubs have only seen a net increase of 9 members.  We need to translate our talk about flexibility and satellite groups into action.  If you need help contact your AG, myself or Eleanor Macalister, our Chair of Membership.  We are here to support you.
With every best wish for 2017.
DG Roddy
Graeme Archibald DGE
A Happy New Year to my fellow District Rotarians
The RI International Assembly 2017 runs from 15 to 20 January and this is when all the DGE's hear from 2017/18 International President Ian Riseley, an Australia, who will announce his theme for the new Rotary year, along with the priorities his DG team will be asked to focus on and deliver.
Shortly after my return I have the annual District Officers Training Seminar (DOTS) where I have the opportunity to meet with the Assistant Governors, the District Committee chairs and many of their team members, to update them of the challenges we are invited to work towards in our year.
In March and April we have the three Learning and Development seminars, in Aberdeen, Perth and Inverness when all incoming presidents, along with next year's presidents elect, Secretaries and Treasurers meet, so the challenges each group face, can be advised to them. These are very important meetings and ALL the above Club office bearers should endeavour to attend any of the three seminars.
Following on from my appeal last month, I'm delighted to advise you that Kenny Thomson, a member of the Kintore, Kemnay and District club has been appointed the Assistant Governor for Area 3 and John Holme, a member of the Auchterarder and District Club will fill the AG role to assist in Areas 5 - 8, in the South of our district.
Other team chairs will be:
Community and Vocational     Iain Jamieson              Elgin Club
Fellowship                               Keith Hopkins              Kirriemuir Club
Foundation                              Carol Stewart              Elgin Club
International                            Ewen Hatchwell          Aberdeen Deeside Club
Membership                            Eleanor Macalister      Ellon Club
Youth                                       Sheena Macgillivray   Forres Club
At this time we are keen to appoint a "specialist" to head up our Public Image team, given this is such a key role for any district today. In the short term I have asked our DGN Alistair McNair to act as the interim chair, but if you or any member of your Club believe they could assist in this area, please contact me.
In addition we have a supporting team who fulfil key roles in specialist areas and their contact details will appear in the 2017/18 district handbook.
DGE Graeme
The 2017 District 1010 Conference

The event will be held at the Hilton Coylumbridge Hotel, Aviemore from lunchtime on Friday 27th – lunchtime on Sunday 29th October.  Friday and Saturday mornings will be an opportunity for socializing or external activities, while the conference will run from lunchtime Saturday to lunchtime Sunday.   The theme this year is Working Together and an interesting mix of speakers is being put together.   Booking will go live in February, with discounts available for early reservations.  More details will be included in future Digests, so watch this space for more news about the Conference.   For more information, contact Sandy Ritchie on
Sandy Ritchie, Conference Chairman, RC Elgin
Hilary Gordon
2018 District Conference

The result of the vote by clubs for the District Conference  2018 can be found HERE


At the recent Council on Legislation (CoL) it was agreed that  Enactments (changes to existing "rules") would still be debated once every three years the next being in 2019.

The main change was that Resolutions (any suggestions for changes) would be proposed and debated annually, on line, as a Council on Resolutions (CoR). The first CoR will take place at the end of 2017; the actual date yet to be agreed).

Clubs can submit resolutions to the 2017 Council on Resolutions but the resolution must be approved by the District Council.  Details on drafting and submitting resolutions can be found in How to Propose Resolutions. Rotary must receive any proposed resolutions for the 2017 CoR by 30 June 2017 through the online form HERE. To enable the District 1010 Council vote, all proposal must be with the District Secretary by 26th February at the latest. 

Resolutions are usually written in the format "To request the RI Board (or Trustees) to consider........ As an example we have had,  "consider raising awareness of environmental issues", "consider lowering the maximum age limit of Rotaract to 25" , "consider designating May as Celebrate Women Month", "consider making planet earth a new area of focus"

For more information speak to John Minhinick.

District Directory 2017-18

Thank you to the club secretaries who have entered their officers for 2017-18.  Expect to receive a proof copy of your directory entry soon. Please respond quickly.

2017-18 Magazines and Directories

Please think carefully about how you can use our District 1010 magazine, ROTARYfirst, as a publicity tool in your area. You can distribute it at any club event which the public attend. We will provide you with as many copies as you wish for this purpose.  The deadline for ordering these and your directories is 31st January 2017.

It is not too late to send articles for this year's  magazine to Jenny Devlin.




21           District Final - Young Chef (Aberdeen)
27           Closing date for Young Citizen Awards
28           District Final - Young Chef (Dundee)
29           Closing date for National Immunisation Day applications

31           Update District directory details to District Secretary

31           Deadline for RYLA numbers and £250 per person deposit

4              District Officers & AGs Training Seminar - Dyce
14/18       Euroscola

23            Climb the O2
25            Deadline for submitting Council on Resolutions proposals 
25            District Final - Young Musician (Perth)
Late         District Final - Youth Speaks

4             Youth Speaks Final - Dundee
7-11        Collection of Shoeboxes
8             Club Deadlines - Young Photographer & Young Writer

11           Regional Final - Young Chef (Dundee)
12           Regional Final - Youth Speaks (Glasgow)
12           Club Leadership & Specialist Seminars - Perth
25           Club Leadership & Specialist Seminars - Aberdeen

8             District Finals - Young Photographer & Young Writer
23           Club Leadership Seminars - Inverness
30           District Assembly - Dundee

6             RIBI Final - Young Musician (Cardiff)
7             RIBI Final - Youth Speaks (Telford)
8             RIBI Finals - Young Photographer & Young Writer

10            District Final - Primary School Quiz (Aberdeen)
10/14       RI Convention (Atlanta)
20            Deadline for nominations for Rotakids/Interact/Rotaract awards
29            Deadline for updated membership details to District Secretary

20/30       Youth Exchange Camp

Copy: By 8th February to John Minhinick         
Published: 15th February 2017

FOUNDATION                                                 Carol Stewart

The Grant Centre

The new Grant Application system is now live for all Global Grant Applications. The format is different from the previous application process and we would recommend that any Club interested in applying for a Grant reviews all the information online to assist with project planning. Log on to My Rotary, Click on the Take Action subheading and you will see the link which takes you to all the information you need to get started.
As always, please don’t hesitate to contact Foundation Chair if you have any questions

Global Grant Applications – low cost shelters – now eligible as part of a larger project

For three years beginning 1 January 2017, clubs will be able to use global grants for the construction of low-cost shelters and simple schools, under a change approved by Foundation Trustees in September. However, the construction must be a part of a comprehensive project related to an area of focus. Construction by itself will not be eligible for global grants. The low cost shelters guidelines and application appendix are available now.

Global Rewards – give back to Rotary Foundation whilst shopping and travelling

Whilst you are online in the My Rotary screens, take a look at the Global Rewards scheme where you can take advantage of various deals which will make a contribution back to the Rotary Foundation. The deals which include a number of retailers and travel companies amongst other offers, can be found in the Member Center and then searching the Rotary Global Rewards SUB-HEADING.


Time for Tea? Would you like some free jam to use at your Club event and support a new way of raising funds for Purple4Polio?

RIBI has announced the donation of 52,000 jars of Purple4Polio jam by Wilkin & Sons Ltd, thanks to a Rotarian in District 1240. Please click HERE to find out more and get in touch with Janet Lowe, End Polio Now Officer if you want more information or to place an early order for jam.

Foundation Grant Management Seminars in 2017 – Save the dates now

Another reminder that the Grant Management Seminars for the Rotary year 2017-2018 will be held as part of the Club Leadership Seminars in Perth on the 12th March 2017 & in Aberdeen on 25th March 2017.
If your Club wishes to participate in a District or Global Grant funded project then the Club must be represented at one of these seminars as part of the qualification process. 


INTERNATIONAL SERVICE                       Ewen Hatchwell

Refugee Crisis
The Syrian Crisis – The terrible humanitarian crisis in Syrian continues. You can donate to charities giving aid to the refugees, including UNICEF (Protect Syrian children), also ShelterBox, Aquabox, Water Survival Box, Medecin Sans Frontiers and the British Red Cross.  See their websites for how each organisation is helping Refugees, and how to donate.

Easter Collection Arrangements - 7th to 11th March

Depot for Central clubs - Dyce Carriers
Depot for Southern clubs - Spectraglass
Depot for Northern Clubs - arrangements currently being made - details later.
For Shoebox scheme information contact Ron McKail 01224743825 or 07823491890 or

YOUTH SERVICE                                            Sheena MacGillivray
Young Citizen Award

The deadline for nominations for the Rotary Young Citizen Award is Friday 27th January 2017.  For further details, please CLICK HERE
Primary School Quiz

The following clubs have agreed to organise the area final for the Primary School Quiz: 
Area 1 – Tain - John M. Sutherland-Fisher –
Area 2 – Forres - Sheena MacGillivray –
Area 3 – Kintore, Kenmay and District - David Fraser –
Area 4 – Portlethen and District - Anne McNair  –
Area 5 – Kirriemuir - Joanna Johnston -
Area 6 – Stirling - Jim Patrick -
Area 7 – Dundee clubs - Derek Anderson -
Area 8 – Kirkcaldy - Ann Mitchell


The start of the spring term is an ideal time to promote RYLA.  A PowerPoint to raise awareness has been prepared and can be obtained from Jim Houston  Full details and forms are available HERE in the members section of the website.
This is also an appropriate time to remind clubs that notification of the number of youngsters they plan to sponsor should be notified to Jim Houston.  This, and the deposit of £250 per candidate, is due by 31 January.

Young Writer and Young Photographer

In the last few years we have been delighted to see more entries from clubs for the Young Writer and Young Photographer competitions and we hope that 2017 will see an even greater number of entries.  These competitions are for age ranges 7-10, 11-13 and 14-17 and the theme for 2016-17 is Reflection and full details of the entry requirements are found on the District website HERE and HERE

Presidential Citations

RotaKids, Interactors and Rotaractors are reminded that they can earn a Presidential Citation for achieving goals that strengthen Rotary.  Activities include developing sustainable projects and raising awareness of the work of Rotary in the community.  Details of the requirements are in the Youth Section of the district website.


At December’s District Council it was agreed that there would be three shields for clubs working with RotaKids, Interact and Rotaract.   The aim of the shields is to highlight the work done by the mother Rotary Club in working with RotaKids / Interact / Rotaract.
It is hoped that RotaKids, Interactors and Rotaractors should gather evidence to show the following:
  • How the mother club and RotaKids / Interact / Rotaract have worked together on a local and community project.
  • How the mother Rotary club has worked with RotaKids / Interact / Rotaract to raise awareness of the End Polio Now campaign.
  • How they have raised awareness of the work of Rotary in their own community e.g. through presentations, assemblies, newspaper reports.
The closing date for submission of evidence for this year’s award will be 20 June 2017

Euroscola 2017

The visit will take from Tuesday the 14th until Saturday the 18th of February 2017; follow the journey.
The parliament will live-stream the Euroscola day on the 17th of February and this link will be sent to all club link people the day before the event should anyone wish to follow what the young people are discussing in the hemicycle. The participants will also be contributing to a blog daily should your club wish to follow their journey. This can be accessed at THIS LINK


For a wide range of information, go to My Rotary at:
This section features some of the important issues.

The 2018 Rotary Peace Fellowship

The 2018 Rotary Peace Fellowship application is now available. You can advance peace around the world by promoting this incredible opportunity! For more information GO TO
Teaching the Teachers
After decades of investing in literacy projects, experts have realized that simply getting children into the classroom — either by removing attendance barriers or providing supplies — is not enough. Before students can succeed, the quality of the teaching in that classroom needs to improve. For more information GO TO


Wild poliovirus in 2016

- Global Total:   34 (66) 
- Global WPV1: 34 (66) 
- Global WPV3: 0 (0)

Endemic: 34 (66)

- Afghanistan: 12 (17)
- Pakistan: 18 (49)
- Nigeria: 4 (0)
Data as of 13 December 2016. Numbers in brackets represent data this time in 2015.

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