Inspiring Success - Jersey 2018

An invitation from your District Governor Elect - Allan Smith

Beauport Bay with St Brelade and Quaisne bays in the background

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Inspiring Success is the theme of my year as your District Governor and for this Conference.  What does this mean to me and to you?

I have tried, with the help of your conference committee, to put together a programme of speakers and projects that have inspired me and which I hope will inspire you to return to your clubs with renewed vigour to:

    1. Try out new projects
    2. Continue existing successful projects
    3. Gain recognition for Rotary’s contribution to your community and
    4. Attract new members to expand Rotary’s activities where you live.

    Each of our speakers has an inspiring story to tell, whether from outside Rotary or within.  Those introduced to you now are all confirmed.  In the coming months, I expect to announce a few more who will only add to the occasion.

    All work and no play makes Allan a dull boy!  So, we have a wide variety of entertainment available for your enjoyment! From fireworks to dancing, not forgetting a dinner, via coastal walks, beach cleans and local Rotary projects, plus tours to island beauty spots, WW2 German Occupation heritage, and Jersey Zoo showcasing Durrell’s conservation work.

    As part of my club’s Peace Island project, Jersey was declared a Rotary Peace Community in May 2015.  This coincided with the 70th anniversary of Liberation after WW2.  We are hosting a PeaceJam Slam on the Saturday of our Conference in another arena adjacent to our conference hall.  I do hope that you will take the opportunity to see the youth of today embracing values which we can all support.

    I now realise I have yet to mention the attraction of the beautiful island in which I am fortunate to live.  Whether it be scenery, cliffs, beaches, countryside, restaurants, shops, pubs that take your fancy, we have plenty to offer and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

    To sample all these wonderful offerings, you will need around a week to fit them all in.  Can I suggest you consider taking this opportunity to make a holiday out of the conference?  And that you take advantage of the special weekly rates negotiated by our travel partners CI Travel.

    My wife Lynn and I look forward to meeting you all during my year of office and hopefully to welcoming you to Jersey in October 2018.

    "Inspiring Success"

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    PeaceJam UK Conference Winchester 2016

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    Come and experience the electric atmosphere when a group of young people come together to engage in Peace Building. You will be amazed and inspired........


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