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 Important Information from District 1010

Issue 33 -  June  2017

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Message from DG Roddy                  Charter Events and Foundation Celebration

Message from DGE Graeme             Conference speakers

Message from District Secretary  Appointments, Vacancies, Data Protection, Compliance, Supplies, Data Protection

Foundation                                                   Crocus Corms, Rotary's End Polio Now in the Times 

International Service            Syrian Crisis,  East Africa Emergency Appeal, Shoebox arrangements, Shelterbox trailer, Aquabox, Water Survival box

Youth Service                                       Rotakids, Interact, Young Writer  & Photographer winners, Technology  tournaments

Public Image                                     Link to Public Image website

RI News                                                         Photo contest winners

Important items in each section are listed and some are highlighted in RED where action is required
     [Dates requiring actions are shown in RED]


15            Closing date for UNESCO-IHE Scholarship applications
15            Deadline for ordering crocus corms

16-18      The Great Get Together
17           Send Foundation donations
20            Deadline for nominations for Rotakids/Interact/Rotaract awards

22/27       Cricket District 1010 vs Australia (or part of it)
30            Deadline for getting membership number correct in DMS


1 to  8      RYLA female camp
2              DG Handover - Eight Acres Hotel, Elgin @ Midday
8 to 15     RYLA Male camp
20/30       Youth Exchange Camp
31            Closing date to order crocus corms


20              Nominations for Club & District Awards

                     GFE from Australia (East Side)
 5              Scottish Rotary National Angling Championships
17             District Council, Aberdeen
17             Collect shoebox flatpack at District Council


28/29        District Conference, Coylumbridge


13/17        Shoebox collection



20             Young Chef, Aberdeen
27             Young Chef, Dundee


24            Young Musician, District Final


3              Youth Speaks, District Final
7              Young Photographer, District Dealine
7              Young Writer, District Deadline


9               Primary Schools Quiz Final, Aberdeen


                                                                  Roddy Duncan DG



Fellow Rotarians
As most Club Presidents will appreciate the middle of June is here, and they are still busy with Club business.  And yet, in a couple of weeks, or even less, they will hand over to a new team.  So it is as District Governor.  The diary is still fully committed, and the e-mails unrelenting, yet it is time to look forward.
Before doing that, however, I would like to pick out some of the highlights of May.  Charlotte and I thoroughly enjoyed the Rotary Foundation Centenary Dinner organized by the RC of Leven.  This was held in the new Levenmouth Academy, and the pupils themselves, with help over the weeks from a professional chef, served and presented the meal, which was superb.  Carol Stewart, our District Chair of Foundation spoke of what Rotarians have achieved.  All in all it was a very fitting way to celebrate Foundation’s Centenary.
On then to Orkney to celebrate that club’s 50th Charter.  This was a Charter event with a difference, for it lasted for 2 days.  An evening of relaxed friendship, and afternoon at a Civic Reception, and an evening dinner rounded off the celebrations.  Well done to the Rotarians in Orkney, but, as I said at the event, ‘The past is behind us, time now to build for the future’ – and that club is doing just that.
The week after saw us at the RC of Glenrothes for a wonderful evening celebrating their Youth Awards.  What a fabulous turnout of young people from the schools, all proud to receive their certificates.  The club’s numbers may have fallen, but the members remain determined to make a difference.  It is what we do that matters.
And then on to a celebration of a Club’s 10th anniversary- with a difference.  The RC of Kirkcaldy Raith organized an event at a local Ecology centre.  Entry for adults was £5.00, and that provided for a soup and pasta lunch, and numerous activities for adults and children.  The Centre was full of families, and it demonstrated how a Rotary club can celebrate without costing the members a small fortune.  Well done to them.
Overall the month has seen us witnessing the best of Rotary.  What I have described are simply examples, which can be replicated across our District.  Thank you to all for what you are doing, and have done.  Keep on making a difference.
Best wishes.
DG Roddy

Graeme Archibald DGE
Greetings fellow District 1010 Rotarians
After over two years of training for this key role, I find my appointment as your District Governor is on the near horizon.
In recent weeks I've been planning my calendar and I have to thank over 75% of our clubs who have already agreed dates for my Club visits in 2017/18. It will be a pleasure to meet with members in my year as District Governor.
Conference bookings are mounting as we prepare for a weekend of fun and fellowship at Coylumbridge. Amongst our speakers we have world record holding adventurer, TV broadcaster, author and Rector of the University of Dundee, Mark Beaumont whose documentaries have taken viewers to over 100 countries.
Sally Magnusson founded Playlist for Life in 2013 after witnessing the effect of music on her late mother’s dementia. Sally will speak about the excellent progress made by Playlist for Life, thus far, often in partnership with Rotary – and what else might be achieved by Rotarians.
Also addressing us will be Prof Norman Drummond, Founder and Chairman of Columba 1400 and of Drummond International, and Police Forensic Pathologist, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Medicine at Aberdeen University Emeritus Professor Dr James Grieve.
We cannot however forget the presentations we'll see from clubs, reporting on some of the great work being achieved by Rotarians in our District.
Ahead of the Conference however we have the District Handover event at the Eight Acres Hotel, Elgin on Sunday 2nd July at 13.00 pm. and already I am told over 120 people have registered to attend this occasion.
My sincere thanks to all who have assisted in any way in my year as the District Governor Elect and I look forward to seeing us all Make a Difference in 2017/18.
Graeme Archibald
District Governor Elect 
Hilary Gordon
New Appointment

The new DMS officer is Christie Robb from RC of Buckhaven and Methil. This is a new position with the following responsibilities:    
  • Help club secretaries to maintain their members’ and club’s information on the system. (Webmentors will also help with this)
  • Remind club secretaries to update their data and add next year’s President and Secretary, information during November/December each year.  
  • During February/March, create and arrange printing of the District Directory.  To be available for clubs to collect at the District Assembly in April.
  • Monitor the DMS forum for updates and inform secretaries accordingly.
  • Liaise with the Data Protection Officer to ensure correct procedures are maintained and observed.


Deputy District Secretary
The roles and responsibilities to be agreed but for further information please contact Hilary Gordon.

Deputy Editor & Distribution Manager for the 1010 Digest - There are two vacancies to assist with the Digest - to understudy and deputise for John Minhinick (Editor) and Hilary Gordon (Distribution).  

The important deadlines are copy by 8th of each month and the editing complete by about 10th of each month ahead of the distribution on the 15th. You can get more details from John or Hilary.

Membership Numbers

A reminder to make sure the DMS membership is correct before the 30th June.  The 1st of July membership number is what clubs will be charged for.

Annual Data Protection Reminder

A reminder has been sent to all secretaries

Annual Compliance Statement

This has been sent to all club secretaries for signing

Supplies - Jo Farquhar

As the new District Supplies officer, I would like to thank Alasdair Campbell for his kind help in supporting me during the handover period. I’m not sure how to follow someone who has held the post for twenty years but I shall endeavour to do my best. Please bear with me whilst I get organised. I shall soon be photographing stock and hopefully setting up an e-shop at some point in time.  I am open to suggestions as to what you would like to see available.

For those who have been in touch already, I thank you for your patience. I will be contacting you shortly.

I look forward to seeing you at District Councils and the Conference. 

Data Protection - David MacDonald

The new Data Protection documents are now on the website. A couple of problems with links but the important information and the Checklist are all there. 

Club & District Awards 

We need your nominations for a number of awards by 20th August, however for the Rotakids/Interact and Rotaract Shields the nominations need to be in by 20th June . For more information CLICK HERE 

Copy: By 8th July to John Minhinick or

Published: 15th July 2017

FOUNDATION                                                 Carol Stewart

Donations to Foundation and Polio Plus: URGENT

Would all Clubs please make any final donations to Foundation (Annual Programs Fund) and Polio Plus before the end of the Rotary year. If you can, please complete this by 17th June – although you can still send donations right up until 30th June.

Purple Crocus Corms for Planting
A reminder that if you wish crocus corms for planting please find below the link to the order form and more information. Please note that order forms should be returned to Janet Lowe at the earliest opportunity and by no later than 15th July 2017. You can find the order form HERE
End Polio Now
At the time of writing, there have only been 5 cases in 2017, the last reported case being in February.
Rotary’s commitment to the cause of ending Polio received some national press coverage in The Times on Monday 22nd May. The article, written by Clare Foges and entitled ‘A single goal for aid would silence sceptics’ appeared on page 26 and ONLINE (The Times subscription required) 

In the article, Foges talks about rather than spending money on aid, the government should get behind a single cause to help make a real difference:

 “Some of the most spectacular gains in development have been made when minds are concentrated on a single mission. Perhaps the most notable example is Rotary International, which in the mid-Eighties committed to eradicating polio. Two billion vaccinations later, it is close to achieving its aim with just 37 cases reported in 2016.” 

It’s fantastic to see Rotary’s effort recognised in such a positive way!

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE                       Ewen Hatchwell

East Africa Famine Appeal

Although not currently in the headlines the famine in East Africa is still very real. Millions of people urgently need food and water. Contact the
Disasters Emergency Committee  for more information and to donate, or Mary’s Meals

Refugee Crisis 

The humanitarian crisis in Syrian continues. You can donate to charities giving aid to the refugees, including UNICEF, ShelterBox, Aquabox, Water Survival Box, Medecin Sans Frontiers and the British Red Cross.  See their websites for how each organisation is helping refugees, and how to donate.
Rotary Shoebox Arrangements for 2017/18

1. Flatpacks will be available for collection at the District Council meeting in Aberdeen on Sept 17th. (Order forms will be posted out shortly).

2. Full boxes are to be returned in the week Monday Nov 13th to Friday 17th Nov.

3.This year clubs wishing to order 500 or more boxes can have them delivered by pallet to your designated address prior to Sept 17th. These Clubs should advise Ron McKail 
soon. P: 01224 743825,

Shelterbox Trailer

A Shelterbox trailer is now available for Clubs to use.  It is shared between the three Scottish Districts. The trailer contains a Gazebo, 4 empty Shelterboxes, 1 Popup, 2 Sails etc.

Clubs borrowing the trailer must have a means of securing overnight storage either attached to a vehicle, in a garage or in a secure venue.

Use of the trailer will be on a first come first served basis.
The equipment should be returned in a clean and dry condition.

A blank number plate will accompany the trailer and if used at night then a square number plate will have to be used to comply with the Road Traffic Regulations.

To make arrangements to collect and return the trailer contact Mike Halley tel 01463 811775.  Mike will provide more details about the trailer.

A demonstration Shelterbox should be obtained from nearest Shelterbox Coordinator as the trailer may not contain a full box and tent.
Contact Kenny Thomson or Steve Lyne 

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Aquabox.  The requirement for safe, clean drinking water continues: much-needed life saving Aquaboxes are being sent to Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Syria and Peru. For more information
Water Survival Box Expands into Europe 

Water Survival Boxes have recently been sent to Haiti and Chile, with additional support from Swiss and Danish Rotarians.  For information in German (or French or Italian!) click
HERE  or in English  HERE 
District Assembly

The District Assembly International Services breakout session presentations are available on the District website

Presentations include: International presentation advising about projects resources available, where information can be found, and presentations about Sand Dams, Shoeboxes and Gambia project.
YOUTH SERVICE                                               Sheena MacGillivray
RotaKids and Interact

June is a good time to start thinking about setting up a RotaKids or Interact club in your local schools.  Alistair Risk, Anne Forster and Tim Baker   all have experience in setting up these clubs and they give the following advice.  
  • Contact the school and ascertain how receptive they are to the idea;
  • Explain the values of Rotary and the benefits of having an affiliation with an international organisation
  • Ask the school to appoint a liaison teacher who will attend the meetings and contact the Rotary club on the members’ behalf.
  • It's also a very good idea to appoint a club Rotarian to be a liaison with the school; this person should ideally be able to attend the majority of the RotaKids/Interact meetings in order to keep the connection strong.
Young Writer and Photographer

Congratulations to Mia Kellner, sponsored by Claverhouse Rotary who won the senior category of the RIBI Young Writer competition. 

Mia reflected on the well-known National Geographic photograph of a young Afghan girl. 

Livia Plaumann, sponsored by St Andrew’s Rotary was runner up in the senior section of the Young Photographer competition.

Some of the winning photographs can be seen on the District

Technology Tournaments

A technology tournament is one of the competitions available for Rotary clubs with materials supplied by RIBI.  Dundee held one on 7 June and Leven will be holding an event on 21 June.  They are two very different events.  Some clubs hold it as a competition between school, others run it as a competition between teams in one school while others use it as a primary / secondary liaison activity.  Participants can also use it to qualify for a CREST award.
PUBLIC IMAGE                                                                                  Cath Chorley
Public image and awareness, is the third goal of Rotary International goes hand in hand with the first two goals which are supporting and strengthening clubs and focussing and increasing humanitarian service. It is important that we communicate a consistent brand, and about ways to tell our Rotary story more effectively.

When we’re better able to communicate who we are
in Rotary, what we stand for, and what we do, we’re much more likely to attract new members who will fit into our organization and new partners who will help us leverage our service to achieve even more.

The Public Image pages on the website have been updated to give you links to materials which will help you promote a consistent, professional Rotary image. You can find them HERE


For a wide range of information, go to My Rotary at:
This section features some of the important issues.
Photo Contest Winners Announced

The Rotarian’s annual photo contest is back and, with the enhanced graphics capacity of our new website, looking better than ever. The 2017 contest drew 600 entries from 40 countries, judged by veteran photojournalist Steve McMurry. CLICK HERE to see the nine breathtaking images he selected as this year’s winners and start getting ready for next year’s contest.
Presidential Peace Conference

The Presidential Peace Conference took place recently with Dr. Bernice A. King, chief executive officer of The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, addressing Rotarians on the role they play in contributing to peace and international understanding. The two-day conference celebrated all that Rotary does to promote peace.CLICK HERE for more information.

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