Important Information from District 1010


 Important Information from District 1010

Issue 29  -  February  2017

     [Dates requiring actions are shown in RED]

14/18       Euroscola
23            Climb the O2
25            District Final - Young Musician (Perth)
28            Deadline for  items for discussion at Dist. Council plus proposals for CoR
28            Deadline for nominations for CoL 2019


4             Youth Speaks District Final - Dundee
4             RIBI Regional Assembly - Stirling
4             Closing date for Young Photographer & Young Writer entries
6-10        Collection of Shoeboxes

11           Regional Final - Young Chef (Dundee)
12           Regional Final - Youth Speaks (Glasgow)
12           Club Leadership & Specialist Seminars - Perth
22           World Water Day
25           Club Leadership & Specialist Seminars - Aberdeen


2             District Council, Royal George Hotel, Perth
8             District Finals - Young Photographer & Young Writer

23           Club Leadership Seminars - Inverness
30           District Assembly - Dundee


6             RIBI Final - Young Musician (Cardiff)
7             RIBI Final - Youth Speaks (Telford)
8             RIBI Finals - Young Photographer & Young Writer


10            District Final - Primary School Quiz (Aberdeen)
10/14       RI Convention (Atlanta)
15            Closing date for UNESCO-IHE Scholarship applications
20            Deadline for nominations for RotaKids/Interact/Rotaract awards
29            Deadline for updated membership details to District Secretary


20/30       Youth Exchange Camp


                                                                      Roddy Duncan DG



We’re talking about it.’
I want to open this edition of the District Digest with a reminder and a quotation from our International President, John Germ,
‘On 23 February, we will mark 112 years since the founding of Rotary…. the world is a far far better place now than it would have been without Rotary, and that Rotary itself is stronger because of everyone of you.’
January and February have been very busy months for Charlotte and myself.  We have continued with our club visits, and are witnessing at first hand the efforts of Rotarians to make the world a better place.  We are also beginning to see more signs of clubs changing to meet the needs of the society of 2017.  With more flexibility we have the opportunity to recruit more members, and we need them if we are to continue what Rotary does best.
Too many clubs, however, are ‘talking about it’.  The time has come for action.  We need to have a vision for the future, and a determination to realise it.
I visited the Scottish Schools Athletics Championship, and was hugely impressed by the number of young people taking part.  The three Scottish Districts sponsor the championships, which probably would not happen without us.  The stadium was filled with Rotary banners, and each athlete had a Rotary logo on their numbers.  We were very obvious.  My thanks to Mike Halley for helping with the organisation on behalf of the District.
I would also like to express my personal thanks, and the thanks of the District, to Mike Robins of the RC of Stonehaven.  Mike has decided to stand down from his role as DGN. We appreciate everything he has done, and wish him all the best for the future.  I know that Mike will continue to work hard for Rotary.
On the topic of those who work hard for Rotary I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Janet Lowe.  As we all know Janet has done a power of work for Foundation and End Polio Now.  I am delighted to say that she has been appointed as an Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Co-ordinator for Zone 17.  Well done, Janet.
At the time of writing I am planning for a visit to the Scottish Parliament along with a small team from our District, and similar teams from the other Scottish Districts.  I have been asked to speak to the MSPs on behalf of Scottish Rotarians, and thereafter the teams will mingle with the MSPs to spread the word about what Rotary does.  This is a great opportunity for us, and I am grateful to the MSPs for inviting us to address them.
Best wishes to all you.
Graeme Archibald DGE
The RI International Assembly 2017 last month was indeed an inspirational event with 539  DGEs from all round the world hearing 2017/18 International President Ian Riseley, deliver his theme address along with the priorities he is asking his DG team to deliver in 2017/18.
The theme "Making a Difference" is what so many Rotarians have been doing as far back as we can recall, so we must now deliver the key messages he has presented of increasing our membership to be able to continue "Making a Difference" and complete that "End Polio" promise to the world, now that we are almost there. Reality is that the "Almost There" has at least another three years to run if no new cases of polio are reported, only then can a Polio Free world rejoice.
Our annual District Officers Training Seminar (DOTS) seminar took place on 4th February where I had the opportunity to meet with the Assistant Governors, the District Committee chairs and many of their team members, to update them of the challenges we are invited to work towards in our year.
Since my report last month, I have had the challenge of identifying a District Governor Elect for next year, following Mike Robins intimating his resignation from that role. I've enjoyed working with Mike, and respect his decision, not taken lightly, and I wish him continued enjoyment as a Rotarian in the years ahead.
I'm delighted however to have Ian Dow join my DG team and in Ian we have a worthy Governor Elect to lead our District in 2018/19.
Following on from my Digest appeal last month, again I was delighted with the response to fill the Public Image vacancy and am pleased to report Catherine Chorley will fill this role. DG Roddy has approved this appointment in accordance with the provisions of our District Standing Orders and Cath will assume this role with immediate effect.
Invitations to attend any of the three Learning and Development seminars, in Aberdeen, Perth and Inverness have been sent to all incoming presidents and club secretaries. They, along with next year's Presidents-elect, and Treasurers will hopefully join us to benefit from the messages our District team will provide at these training events.
Can I encourage you to respond to James MacPherson (email: ) as soon as possible and assist with the logistics of planning these events.
Hilary Gordon
  • 28th February is the final date to send me any items for discussion at the District Council on 2nd April in Perth. This includes any proposals to go to CoR and CoL.
  • 28th February, closing date for nominations for COL representative and deputy.
  • 2nd April District Council at The Royal George Hotel, Perth, Coffee 9.30 (no bacon rolls) Start 10.30 Finish 15.15. The afternoon we have devoted to a presentation from Jean and Keith Best about The Peace Programme.
Council of Legislation/Resolution
We now need to start planning for the next Council on Legislation (CoL) in 2019. Up until now there have been two types of “legislation” which may be proposed for consideration by CoL – “Enactments” (proposed amendments to the constitutional documents), and “Resolutions” – requests that the RI Board give consideration to taking action on some matter.

Legislation may be proposed by a Club but must be endorsed by the District.

The deadline for submitting legislation to the 2019 CoL is 31st December 2017.

One major change agreed at CoL 2016 was to provide that, in future, Councils on Legislation will only deal with Enactments. From now on, there will be an annual Council on Resolutions (CoR) conducted through electronic communications. The first meeting of the new CoR is scheduled for October this year and the deadline for submitting a Resolution is 30th June 2017.

Any Resolutions by Clubs for consideration at the forthcoming CoR must be with the District Secretary by 28th February for discussion at the District Council on 2nd April.

Any club wishing to put forward proposals either to Council on Legislation or Council on Resolutions could get advice John Minhinick, the CoL representative until 30th June 2017.

Copy: By 8th March to John Minhinick
Published: 15th March 2017

FOUNDATION                                                 Carol Stewart

District Grant Applications for the year 2017-2018 – start planning now!

Applications will open after the District Council meeting so start planning now for the project that you wish to support, either internationally or locally. Applications will be available on the Grants section of the District website after this date. Any questions then please contact Linda Bolger, Grants Officer.
If your Club wishes to participate in a District or Global Grant funded project then the Club must be represented at one of the Club Leadership seminars as part of the qualification process. Check with your Club Secretary to make sure you are registered to attend.

Foundation Newsletter
HERE to read the latest Foundation Newsletter. Lots of updates as our Charity celebrates 100 years of doing good in the world. Look out for updates on the End Polio Now vaccine programme and our very own Rotary Club of Huntly’s Purple4Polio Icecream. Have you tried this fantastic product yet?

Purple4Polio Jam
Planning for a fundraising tea party,
CLICK HERE for the update on the free jam coming your way soon…

Want to know more about Grant projects sponsored by the District?
Did you know that you can use the Grant Centre to find all of the grants sponsored by the district, whether or not your club is involved? It’s easy. First, sign in to My Rotary and navigate to the Grant Center. Click Grant Search, top right. That will take you to a page that has a search bar you can use to search by grant number or grant title.
You can also search by area of focus and also lets you see our district grant.

2017-19 UNESCO-IHE scholarship applications available
The Rotary Foundation and UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education are working together to tackle the world’s water and sanitation crisis and are offering up to 10 scholarships for graduate study at UNESCO-IHE's Delft Campus in the Netherlands. The partnership aims to increase the number of trained professionals who can devise, plan, and implement water and sanitation solutions in developing areas. The scholarships also are designed to promote long-term productive relationships between Rotarians and skilled water and sanitation professionals in their communities.

Scholars will receive a Master of Science degree in urban water and sanitation, water management, or water science and engineering. Graduates work with their Rotary club sponsors on a related project to benefit their local community. The application deadline is 15 June. For more information,

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE                       Ewen Hatchwell

Syrian Refugee Crisis
You can donate to charities giving aid to the refugees, including UNICEF (Protect Syrian children), also ShelterBox, Aquabox, Water Survival Box, Medecin Sans Frontiers and the British Red Cross.  See their websites for how each organisation is helping Refugees, and how to donate.

World Water Day

Every year the United Nations observes World Water Day on March 22. The theme changes annually to put focus on a certain aspect of water. This year the emphasis is on Wastewater.  See the resources HERE   to increase the awareness of the need for clean water and to manage wastewater more effectively.

For collecting Rotary Shoeboxes  - 6 March to 10 March 2017, here are the arrangements:

Southern Clubs – Call Spectraglass, Perth 01738 638358

Inverness and Northern Clubs - Donald Robertson (Inverness) 01463 794209, or Colin Chessor

Aberdeen area Clubs – Call Dyce Carriers 01224 723571 Pitmeddon Road Industrial Estate AB21 0BF

For further Shoebox scheme information Ron McKail 01224 743825 /07823 491890/  

International Projects

Rotary helps communities through successful projects in all the six areas of focus.Clubs looking for a project should consult “Rotary Ideas” via the RI website, and the Area of Focus guide can be found here.  

Information about successful projects can be obtained from RI’s “Rotary Showcase.”

Guides are available from the RI website – Lifecycle of a Project, Community Assessment tools, and A Guide to Effective Projects.

Contact Ewen Hatchwell for more information.

Gift of Sight

Help to give the Gift of Sight. The Guildford Rotary Eye project invites your support. For more information CLICK HERE 

Toilet Twinning

Help those in poverty to have access to a proper latrine, clean water and the information they need to be healthy. Twin your loo and flush away poverty!  CLICK HERE 
MEMBERSHIP                                                                                           Eleanor McAlister
The membership team is working hard to finally launch a bold and supportive scheme to grow Rotary. The team will shortly be in a position to approach clubs with the offer to support them in setting up a new club or developing a satellite club. AGs will be involved in our consultations as well as the DG Team.
An ALUMNI form will soon be ready to assist clubs and our Alumni Co-ordinator, John Milne, to begin to pull together the number of people, both young and old, who have slipped through our fingers. 
The Club Leadership Seminars will shortly be upon us and DGE Graeme has invited membership chair, Eleanor and Club Visioning (North) Gary, to lead a slot at these. Eleanor and Gary will be present at the Perth and Aberdeen seminars whilst Ken McLennan will lead at the Inverness seminar.
On Saturday 4th March, a number of the membership team will be in attendance at the RIBI Regional Assembly in Stirling. This is not purely for district officers but for everyone in clubs with an interest in the subject matter of these. 
Having processed the results from the membership seminars, the team identified a huge need for guidance and support on change management or managing change. At the District Assembly on the 30th April, an up-beat presentation on this subject will be running. Clubs who have engaged in Club Visioning may find this of real support.
Club Visioning Workshops continues apace. In the last year or so, 18 workshops have been completed with a further 4 in the pipeline. These are proving to be inspiring and clubs in general have enjoyed the experience and we look forward to hearing their stories from the AGs in whose areas they have been done.

YOUTH SERVICE                                               Sheena MacGillivray
Euroscola 2017
The visit will take from Tuesday the 14th until Saturday the 18th of February 2017; follow the journey.
The parliament will live-stream the Euroscola day on the 17th of February and this link will be sent to all club link people the day before the event should anyone wish to follow what the young people are discussing in the hemicycle. The participants will also be contributing to a blog daily should your club wish to follow their journey. This can be accessed HERE

Presidential Citations
RotaKids, Interactors and Rotaractors are reminded that they can earn a Presidential Citation for achieving goals that strengthen Rotary.  Activities include developing sustainable projects and raising awareness of the work of Rotary in the community.  Details of the requirements are in the Youth Section of the district website.

Young Chef

Lucia Savage (Inverness Culloden) winner of the north heat and Maddie Owen (Dundee) who won the south heat will be representing District 1010 in the Regional Final to be held in Dundee on Saturday 11 March. 

Young Photographer and Young Writer

The closing date for entries to these competitions is 4 March.  Entries should be forwarded to Donald Stewart
These competitions are for age ranges 7-10, 11-13 and 14-17 and the theme for 2016-17 is Reflection and full details of the entry requirements are found on the District website HERE and HERE


The deadline for clubs to confirm their commitment to send participants to the RYLA camps in July is now passed, and for those clubs which contacted me before the deadline  the proposed RYLA participants looks like this:  65 Boys and 79 Girls.
However, the fact remains that the girls camp is over subscribed and, as before, I am asking clubs to reconsider your recruitment strategy to try to get the girls numbers down down by a few, we only have 75 beds.  
PUBLIC IMAGE                                                                                     Cath Chorley
The most effective means of communication is one-to-one where knowledgeable Rotarians talk confidently and compellingly with both non-members and members alike. But sometimes it is useful to have a leaflet or other written information to hand out. A series of postcards is available through RIBI and you can check them out HERE. You will need to log in to the Members’ pages.
These postcards feature colourful pictures which look attractive. You can personalise the reverse of the postcard for your club. Although the one focused on youth refers to the competition participants you could personalise it to attract the parents, grandparents and those supporting competitors into Rotary. There are good guidelines HERE on how to use marketing techniques effectively. 
COMMUNITY SERVICE                                                                 Iain Jamieson

Many congratulations to Area 4 Clubs (Aberdeen and Deeside) for a magnificent £54,000 raised from their Car Raffle.  The raffle was drawn on Christmas Eve.  CLAN received £34,000 and the remaining sum was distributed to local charities.  


To find out more about the purchase of vital equipment for Kemnay communities VISIT

£3,800 is still held in the Appeal Fund.  It is suggested that this sum is held over for future disasters and a view will be sought from clubs. 


For full details of the 2017 Bike Ride in aid of the End Polio campaign VISIT where you will find:
  • Recommended event types
  • The Rotary Ride 2017 Participation Pack
  • A Template Poster
REGISTERING YOUR EVENT: Once you have decided on the details of your event, the next step is to register your ride:
The Rotary Ride 2017 Participation pack (page 5) explains how to register.
Once clubs register, information will be placed on the
Rotary Ride Website 


With immediate effect, all correspondence, details, registrations etc. will be done via email.  However, currently, there is no Rotary KidsOut email database.  Steve Cartwright, the new RIBI National Co-ordinator, asks ANY Rotary Club/ Member/ District to please advise him of their full contact details including email address. These details will not be used for marketing purposes, but will ensure that any KidsOut information will be sent to the correct person(s).

Please help Steve in his task. email:

Registration Process: Registering your District/ Club Details together with the number of children could not be simpler, just click HERE

Please note that KidsOut will no longer be providing  T-Shirts, but will provide KidsOut Baseball caps free of charge to one location within each District (how this will be achieved in District 1010 is under review).

To see the full KidsOut Newsletter



To view the recent Community - Environmental Sustainability Newsletters VISITHere you can find the monthly newsletters from September 2016 to February 2017. 

Making your own impact on the environment

10 things recommended by The Sustainability Trust VISIT


To find out more about possible projects VISIT

On the right hand side of the web page, you can find a number of projects and ideas.

For more information and help, please contact Malcolm Rooney, District Environment Officer –



HERE you can find the monthly newsletters from August 2016 to December 2016

RIBI Community Events

The Community Service Newsletter provides very good information about what is going on around RIBI.  In addition, a new page is being developed on the District website which will highlight RIBI Nationwide events, projects and initiatives VISIT


The aim of the RIBI Resilience Group is to develop contingency plans to assist districts and clubs in responding to home based emergencies and disasters, both in the immediate aftermath and the long term recovery phases, in situations where Rotarians are not exposed to personal hazard.  To find out more VISIT

For a wide range of information, go to My Rotary at:
This section features some of the important issues.

Rotary Youth Exchange Empowers Tomorrow's Leaders

Canadian Joel Dzuba credits his Rotary Youth Exchange year in Lower Saxony, Germany, with inspiring him to pursue a career in International Affairs and Policy. Says Dzuba, “my exchange year played a fundamental role in forming and shaping the person I am today.” Read more of Dzuba's story HERE 

India Marks Six Years Since Last Polio Case

January marks six years since the last case of polio was reported in India. This milestone, in a country once considered the most difficult to stop polio, demonstrates the importance of strong surveillance systems, robust vaccination and targeted social mobilization efforts. Some of the lessons learned in India, including strategies to reach high-risk populations and supporting child health initiatives beyond polio, are now being applied to other settings. But until the disease is eradicated, India must remain vigilant. That’s why from 29 January, 172 million children were vaccinated across the country in National Immunization Days in a concerted effort to maintain high levels of childhood immunity.

Rotary Releases $35 Million to Combat Polio
Rotary has released another $35 million in grants to support the global effort to end polio. Nearly half of the new funds, $16.15 million, will support emergency response campaigns in Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin, where four cases were detected last year after Nigeria had previously gone two years without a case. Click HERE for more information.

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