Rotary 1010 Digest Issue 30, March 2017

Important Information from District 1010


 Important Information from District 1010

Issue 30  -  March  2017

     [Dates requiring actions are shown in RED]

19           Register for District Council
22           World Water Day
25           Club Leadership & Specialist Seminars - Aberdeen
25           Deadline for Foundation Project Funding

31           Deadline for voting for CoL 2019 Representative
31           Club collection for Foundation Jam


2             *****DEADLINE FOR COPY FOR APRIL DIGEST*****
2             District Council, Royal George Hotel, Perth
8             District Finals - Young Photographer & Young Writer 
23           Club Leadership Seminars - Inverness
30           District Assembly - Dundee, Caird Hall


6             RIBI Final - Young Musician (Cardiff)
7             RIBI Final - Youth Speaks (Telford)
8             RIBI Finals - Young Photographer & Young Writer


10            District Final - Primary School Quiz (Aberdeen)
10/14       RI Convention (Atlanta)

15            Closing date for UNESCO-IHE Scholarship applications
20            Deadline for nominations for Rotakids/Interact/Rotaract awards
29            Deadline for updated membership details to District Secretary


2              DG Handover - Eight Acres Hotel, Elgin @ Midday
20/30       Youth Exchange Camp


                                                                      Roddy Duncan DG



Time for a ‘To Do List’?

Fellow Rotarians

I’ve lost count of the number of times someone has said to me recently, ‘Your time is almost up’ or, ‘Not long to go now’.  Believe it or not the diary is still fully committed.  Whilst there are just 4 months to go until I relinquish the post of District Governor, these 4 months are important.  We need to ensure that we achieve our aims for this year
All of you need to do the same in your clubs.  Ian Riseley, President-elect of Rotary International has the aims of, ‘attracting new members, building strong clubs, and forming friendships that last.’  I have said many times in clubs that friendship is the glue that binds us together.  Let us value our current friends, and make new ones.
In his article on the website of Rotary International Ian comments on his ‘to do list’.  It refers to ‘planning, planning and planning’.  We need to do the same, but ensure that we deliver the goods.  Planning without outcomes is rather a fruitless exercise.  Our principal internal outcomes are clear – increase membership, attract younger members and recruit more women.  We can do it, but we cannot leave it to other club members to do the recruitment.  It’s down to each and every one of us.
This last month has been busy.  We had a very successful event at the Scottish Parliament, and were able to make MSPs more aware of what we do.  Many were very supportive of Rotary, and want to help.  We were on what might be termed our ‘Highland tour’, and visited the clubs in Dingwall, Wick, Thurso and the Isle of Skye.  The welcomes were warm, and we left each club with the feeling that they wanted to evolve, and attract more of their community to Rotary.
We also visited the evening meeting of the Rotary club of Alloa.  The club has 2 meetings, one at lunchtime and one in the evening.  Both are different in format, but allow for choice.  This kind of flexibility is key to our growth.  It was also hugely encouraging to visit the Rotaract club of St Andrews, and meet our young people at their evening meeting.  They are part of Rotary, and we must encourage them.
I also had the pleasure of being at the final of the Young Musician contest in Perth.  What a privilege it was to listen to the very talented young people performing.  This competition, and others such as Youth Speaks, Young Chef, and Young Photographer help our young people grow.  Thanks to all Rotarians who give their time to help in this way.
Finally my best wishes to all of you as you continue with what you are doing this year, and begin to plan ahead.

DG Roddy

Graeme Archibald DGE
My fellow District Rotarians 

How quickly our Rotary year progresses. I am in the midst of our Club Leadership Seminars whilst also finalising the planning for our District Assembly on 30th April.
This year we are holding the Assembly in the Caird Hall, Dundee and I look forward to welcoming as many regular and first time attendees to this important event in our Rotary calendar.
My team of Assistant Governors will have the opportunity to meet the incoming club Presidents in their areas. Key dates to be agreed will be the Club Assembly, and the area Presidents meetings.
While these meetings are in progress, there will be the opportunity for other Club members to attend a choice of specialist seminars about Rotary Foundation, Youth, Community and Vocational Services, Membership and Fellowship.
Our Foundation team will highlight some of the great District projects clubs are involved in, and remind us of the end polio challenge we continue to address.
Rotary International 2017/18 President Ian Riseley has challenged us in many ways in the coming year and one such challenge is an environmental one which the Community team will tell you about.
Last autumn we held a series of membership seminars and one significant outcome was a desire to consider change management at Club level. We will have a specialist speaker delivering a session all about this topic. This will be a session all club membership chairs must attend.
The Youth team has a variety of messages to deliver as has the Fellowship chair, so whatever your interest, there will be a choice of sessions for you to attend. Indeed there is an opportunity to attend one session from 11.00 to 11.50 and a separate topic between 11.55 and 12.45.
After lunch we have invited Debbie Hodge the incoming RIBI President elect, to address us. She and our 2017/18 RIBI President Denis Spiller were challenged to review our RIBI service committee structure and the outcome of their deliberations might appeal to many of our smaller clubs.
To register for the assembly and download a copy of the programme, please
I look forward to welcoming you at the Caird Hall on Sunday 30th April.
Hilary Gordon
District Council on 2nd April 

To make bookings by 19th March.

CoL 2019 District Representative
To elect the representative to serve as CoL 2019 Representative from 1/7/17 until 30/6/20 please submit your club vote by 31st March.  1 Vote for each club to be made by the President or Secretary. To vote CLICK HERE

A reminder that all clubs must sign the RIBI compliance document annually. Those Secretaries who attended the CLS have been given their 2017/18 form for their Clubs to sign acknowledging that they continue to adopt the RIBI policies on H&S, Protection, Equality and Diversity and Data Protection. The form will be on the website and every club will be sent one by me for signature and return. 


A reminder that information about the RIBI Insurance policy for clubs is on the District website.  Please check that your planned activity is listed. Clubs are asked to complete a risk assessment for every event and to retain records for 3 years, in case there is a claim.

Farewell to Outstanding Administration Team Members

Alasdair Campbell  is retiring from District duties at the District Assembly in April. Alasdair has run the District shop for 20 years and had previously been responsible for maintaining the District database and producing the directory.  

Mick Gordon recently gave up his District roles of webmaster and webmentor.  Mick was also involved in maintaining the database, the DMS and producing the directory. Mick was  the invaluable technical support to the Digest.

Thank you to both for your commitment to district 1010
**********NEXT EDITIONS OF 1010 DIGEST********* 

Copy: By 2nd April to John Minhinick
Published: 15th April 2017

FOUNDATION                                                 Carol Stewart

Rotary Foundation – Qualification of your Club for the Rotary Year 2017-2018 – LAST CHANCE!!

If your Club wishes to participate in a District or Global Grant funded project then the Club must be represented at one of the Grant Management Seminars as part of the qualification process. Check with your Club secretary to make sure you are registered to attend the event in Aberdeen on 25th March if you missed the Perth session earlier in the month.
If you intend to apply for project funding in the forthcoming Rotary year and are unable to attend in Aberdeen please contact Carol Stewart at by 25th March.

Purple4Polio Jam – There might be no such thing as a free lunch, however there is FREE Jam…

Further to the communication sent recently to Club secretaries, all Purple4Polio Jam has been delivered to the centres in Perth, Aberdeen & Inverness. CLICK HERE for full details on where to collect your Club allocation. Remember this Jam can be used in any way you wish to raise funds towards the eradication of Polio…. So please get along, collect and then share your stories on how you’ve made the Jam work for you.
Please arrange collection of your Club allocation by the 31st March 2017

Foundation Newsletter
CLICK HERE to read the latest RIBI Zone in Newsletter.

Planning a Global Grant Project?

There have been a number of changes to the terms and conditions of Grants so make sure you review the current version to ensure that your project is eligible.
In particular also if you are planning a Water & Sanitation project be aware of this change:

Hydrogeological Surveys

The Foundation requires anyone who plans to dig as part of a water project to include one of these surveys in the project planning. It will tell you where water can be found and where it can’t. Surveys can be done by Rotarians, outside contractors, cooperating organizations, or the government. Applicants can include the cost of these surveys in their global grant budget. Project sponsors will want to follow up with water quality testing to ensure that the water is safe to drink, if that’s what it will be used for.

Want to know more about Grant projects sponsored by the District?
Did you know that you can use the Grant Center to find all of the grants sponsored by the district, whether or not your club is involved? It’s easy. First, sign in to My Rotary and navigate to the Grant Center. Click Grant Search, top right. That will take you to a page that has a search bar you can use to search by grant number or grant title. 


INTERNATIONAL SERVICE                       Ewen Hatchwell

Refugee Crisis

The Syrian Crisis – The humanitarian crisis in Syrian continues. You can donate to charities giving aid to the refugees, including UNICEF (Protect Syrian children), ShelterBox, Aquabox, Water Survival Box, Medecin Sans Frontiers and the British Red Cross.  See their websites for how each organisation is helping Refugees, and how to donate.

Water Survival Box

The Rotary Club of Crieff now has a Water Survival Box that can be borrowed by a Club requiring a demonstration box.  Using this box a Club may be able to raise £150 to buy another box that would provide clean water to an overseas community in need. Or it could be used to help to increase awareness of what Rotary does. Contact John Burgess, Secretary, Rotary Club of Crieff.

Medical Supplies

PDG Bill Wood has been contacted by an Aberdeen doctor who is retiring and has a considerable quantity of unused medical items left over from private practice, including syringes, bandages and other unused items. He would like to donate them to Rotary and Bill is wondering if anyone has a use for them on a project or for a hospital they support overseas. Bill’s email is

DFID Funding

The Department for International Development (DFID) is a source of funding that has recently been accessed by an RIBI Club.  The Club obtained funding for a project in Nepal. Details of how to apply for funding may be found HERE 

Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG)

The latest WASRAG newsletter helps Rotarians to make a difference with successful Water and Sanitation projects.  CLICK HERE 

Among several items the newsletter reviews “A Dam Good Project”  Some RIBI Clubs with Excellent Development are helping communities to build Sand Dams that are providing clean water to over 70,000 people in dryland areas of Kenya with seasonal rainfall. 
MEMBERSHIP                                                                                           Eleanor McAlister
As we march into the final 4 months of the Rotary year, there is still plenty of time for clubs to put into place some membership strategies to enhance their clubs and the bigger Rotary picture. Membership continues to be of the highest priority and whether we like it or not, we really need to keep it right up there in our clubs’ programmes. DG Roddy has been banging the drum everywhere he goes and I greatly appreciate his support.

A great way of finding out just where your club is, is for your club to do a 10 year demographics exercise. Look at what you had in 2006 as far as numbers are concerned; as far as age and average age is concerned; as far as those in full or part time work is concerned and ask the question, “Would a 40-year-old want to join this club?” If we don’t do anything about it, what will it (our club) look like 10 years from now in 2026?

A steady growth in clubs grasping the opportunity to engage in Visioning workshops is a great option and if you would like to have a peek into what goes on in these,

Along with DGE Graeme, we are looking forward to meeting the Presidents Elect in Perth, Aberdeen/Portlethen and Inverness.

The membership team now has a broader picture of the demographics of the whole of D1010 and the members shall be putting together an action plan, supported by the AG team, to approach clubs with the intention of entering into conversation about starting new clubs, whether they are Satellite Clubs or New Clubs.

As ever, the district membership is here to help so knock on our doors and we’ll be delighted to do what we can.
YOUTH SERVICE                                               Sheena MacGillivray
Young Writer and Young Photographer

Entries for the above competition must be sent to Donald Stewart no later than 8th April to enable entries to be judged and sent to RIBII by 8th May.  Donald’s email address is
These competitions are for age ranges 7-10, 11-13 and 14-17 and the theme for 2016-17 is Reflection.  Full details of the entry requirements are found on the District website.

Youth Exchange

Preparations for our camp are going well and are on schedule.   However we are still looking for hosts in the South Fife area.  If you can help out please contact Ian Gow

Rotary Shields

At December’s District Council it was agreed that there would be three shields for clubs working with RotaKids, Interact and Rotaract.   The aim of the shields is to highlight the work done by the mother Rotary Club in working with RotaKids / Interact / Rotaract.
It is hoped that RotaKids, Interactors and Rotaractors should gather evidence to show the following:
  • How the mother club and RotaKids / Interact / Rotaract have worked together on a local, community and international projects.
  • How the mother Rotary club has worked with RotaKids / Interact / Rotaract to raise awareness of the End Polio Now campaign.
  • How they have raised awareness of the work of Rotary in their own community e.g. through presentations, assemblies, newspaper reports.
Evidence submitted should be: -
  • Project outlines in up to a maximum of 500 words (up to 1,000 word if a club has more than one RotaKids / Interact / Rotaract),
  • A scrapbook (or photographs of some of the pages) and
  • A letter from RotaKids / Interact/ Rotaract containing their views on what they have gained form the projects.
The closing date for submission of evidence for this year’s award will be 20 June 2017.

Presidential Citations

RotaKids, Interactors and Rotaractors are reminded that they can earn a Presidential Citation for achieving goals that strengthen Rotary.  Activities include developing sustainable projects and raising awareness of the work of Rotary in the community.  Details of the requirements are in the Youth Section of the district website. 
PUBLIC IMAGE                                                                                     Cath Chorley
Members have been enquiring about materials which they can use to promote their clubs either to prospective members or the wider public.

At the District Assembly we will be providing examples of what you can do but in the meantime use THIS LINK  to see some great resources on the RIBI website. You will be asked to log-in.
COMMUNITY SERVICE                                                                 Iain Jamieson
Area & Club Corner

In order to develop the District website and make it relevant, useful and interesting, please send Club news items to me, Iain Jamieson, District Community Service Chair.  Tell me what your club has been doing in the community and what you plan to do, so that we can share stories and information with others.

District Assembly

Iain Jamieson and Malcolm Rooney are planning to run two short sessions at the District Assembly. One session will focus on the environment and how we might support the request of incoming RI President Ian Riseley who has issued a challenge to his District Governors that he wants every Rotarian to plant a tree during his year of office 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018.  We will look at how this might be achieved.

A second session will focus on Community Service, pooling ideas and looking at  RIBI-wide initiatives.

District Flood Appeal - Update 

The District Executive will review the Flood Appeal Fund at their meeting on 18th March.  Circa £3,600 remains unspent.  It is proposed that this is carried forward to a District Disaster/Emergency Fund which could immediately be made available in the event of another emergency. 

KIDSOUT - Update

The National Co-ordinator is Steve Cartwright his email is

Registering your District/ Club event together with the number of children could not be simpler, just CLICK HERE

Arrangements have been agreed with Steve Cartwright to deliver baseball caps free of charge to 3 locations:
Aberdeen (Ian Gerrie); Dundee (TBA) and Glenrothes (Ken Stahly). The address details for delivery have been advised to local co-ordinators. 

Baseball caps must be ordered by the end of April at the latest.To see the full KidsOut Newsletter


To view the recent Community - Environmental Sustainability Newsletters CLICK HERE

The environment page on the District website contains the monthly newsletters from October 2016 to March 2017. For more information and help on environmental programmes, projects and activities, please contact Malcolm Rooney, District Environment Officer –

RIBI Community Service

CLICK HERE to find the monthly newsletters from August 2016 to February 2017.

FRIENDSHIP                                                                                        Keith Hopkins



We have secured a couple of incoming Rotary Group Friendship Exchanges but are still looking for hosts. We have 2 more GFE’s in the pipeline as well. A team is coming from New York State on 30th April and another from Australia in August. A team from California and another from South Africa are still interested. Please contact me if you can help out or just wish to know more. You will find more details of what this is all about on the District website HERE


I have just been to the world festival of the International Fellowship of Cricket Loving Rotarians held in Christchurch, New Zealand. There were over 300 Rotarians and partners/spouses there. New friendships were made and old ones renewed. The picture is the GB&I team with the Rotarian team from Bangladesh. See how old we are!!! There is plenty of scope for contacts for international projects overseas if you wish to contact me.

There is an incoming Rotary cricket team from Australia coming to this District as part of their GB tour. If you want to help – play, umpire, score or just host - then please contact me. They arrive in Edinburgh on June 20th, visit Angus for a couple of nights and then on to north west of Aberdeen towards Inverness. I would like anyone from that area to come forward to help organise home hosting. Please contact me.


We are still looking for anyone interested in visiting and then home hosting golfers from Canada. The team comes from all three Districts in Scotland and there are still places. Contact me if you are interested. Go to GOLF TO CANADA


Finally the Jackson Christie golf competition will be at Royal Dornoch on Sunday 23rd April. Colin Chessor from Thurso, as a member there, has secured a super deal and should attract many Rotarians from all over the District. So  far  the  Dornoch  Course  is  booked  from 2 pm  onwards,  with  Bacon Rolls  to  start with, followed  by  a  2  course  Meal  in  the  Clubhouse afterwards,  along with  the  Prizegiving.   The  Cost  is £80.

If  there  is  sufficient  interest,  there  may  well  be  a  game  at  Brora  on  the  Saturday. If  Rotarians  are  interested,    accommodation  will  be  lined  up  at  Dornoch  for  both  Saturday  and  Sunday  nights  

Let’s see if we can get a large number to this event at such a great course. Please contact Alastair Scott
( of the Dundee club if any of your members are interested. Get it in their diaries NOW.


Look at the Friendship pages on the District Website @ Fellowship and Friendship

For a wide range of information, go to My Rotary at:
This section features some of the important issues.

10 Lessons from a Rotary Club Pilot

By Quentin Wodon, a member of the Rotary Club of Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., USA

Membership growth is an important topic in Rotary. Since my last blog post (6 ingredients for membership growth), my club has continued to focus on how we can follow our strategic plan and continue our initial success at growing our club. We have been fortunate to double our membership in six months, from 18 members in July to 38 in February. We are cautiously not “claiming victory” over our growth goals, since we could still experience a downturn in membership. But we have made progress.READ MORE HERE

Rotary Women Inspire

What motivates everyday women to do extraordinary things? Three Rotary members answered that question at a celebration of International Women’s Day hosted by the World Bank at its Washington, D.C., headquarters on 8 March.For more information CLICK HERE

The Future of Women in Rotary

Incoming governors Sandy Sava of District 5180 (California, USA)  and Dawn deFuria of District 7450 (Pennsylvania, USA) sat down to talk about the current and future state of women in Rotary for International Women’s Day. The day celebrated women and their social, economic, political, and cultural achievements around the world. Listen to the discussion HERE


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