Rotary 1010 Digest Issue 31, April 2017

Important Information from District 1010


 Important Information from District 1010

Issue 31  -  April  2017

     [Dates requiring actions are shown in RED]


23           Club Leadership Seminars - Inverness
23           Jackson Christie Golf @ Royal Dornoch
30           District Assembly - Dundee, Caird Hall
30           Target date to order purple crocus button-holes
30           Closing date to order KidsOut caps


               GFE from New York State
6             RIBI Final - Young Musician (Cardiff)

7             RIBI Final - Youth Speaks (Telford)
8             RIBI Finals - Young Photographer & Young Writer
20           RIBI Finals - Young Chef 


4              Scottish Rotary National Angling Championships
10            District Final - Primary Schools Quiz (Aberdeen)

10/14       RI Convention (Atlanta)

15            Closing date for UNESCO-IHE Scholarship applications
20            Deadline for nominations for Rotakids/Interact/Rotaract awards
22/27       Cricket District 1010 vs Australia (or part of it)
29            Deadline for updated membership details on the DMS


2              DG Handover - Eight Acres Hotel, Elgin @ Midday
20/30       Youth Exchange Camp
31            Closing date to order crocus corms

                     GFE from Australia (East Side)
 5              Scottish Rotary National Angling Championships
17            District Council, Aberdeen


28/29        District Conference, Coylumbridge


                                                                      Roddy Duncan DG



Fellow Rotarians
We are now into the final 3 months of the Rotary year.  But, this is not a case of taking the foot off the pedal, and waiting for our successors to put their plans in place.  Rather it is a case of finishing the job we started.  Let’s have a final push to deliver on our priorities.
Meeting Rotarians this last month I have been taken by the comments from almost everyone that, ‘you’re on the final section Roddy’.  ‘You can begin to take it easy now’.  Well my diary doesn’t indicate that we’re taking it any easier, and we’re not taking it any easier.  There is a job to be done – let’s do it.
Every month has its highlights, and this month is no different.  I’m not selecting any Rotary club, but I am picking out our Rotaract clubs.  Charlotte and I have been to the Rotaract clubs in St Andrews, Moray and Aberdeen.  What an absolute joy it has been to meet so many young, enthusiastic people desperate to make a difference.  How refreshing it has been to be at their meetings.  ‘It’s What We Do That Matters’ has rung out from some of the Facebook pages.  My wife has also discovered that I can still play table tennis – but don’t mention the level I play at.
I am conscious at the moment of all of the work that DGE Graeme and his team are doing in their preparations for next year.  We need to remember that our District team comprises club Rotarians doing their extra bit to support other Rotarians.  Please give them your support.
Finally, as I write this note we are just a day away from our District Council meeting in Perth.  Already we have almost 120 Rotarians attending what has been planned as an interesting and informative day.  I am sure that these 120 will go away enthused by what they hear, and pass on the messages to others.
With every best wish to all of you.
DG Roddy

Graeme Archibald DGE

Again this month can I remind you of upcoming events.
Our third and final Club Leadership Seminar takes place on 23 April, an event all incoming Club Presidents should attend, if they have not already done so, or have a representative attend in their place. Annually different messages have to be delivered through these training seminars, regardless of the fact some club presidents are undertaking a second or third year in this role. The three regional seminars were designed to minimise travel distances for club members and these have proved successful.
The Lochardil Hotel in Inverness is the venue for this final seminar for 2017 so if you've missed the earlier events, please register as soon as possible.
On April 30 we have our Annual District Assembly which this year is being held in the Caird Hall, Dundee. A 10.00 for 10.30 start is planned and we expect to end about 15.30 pm.
To register for the assembly and download a copy of the programme, please

 I would like to highlight the Change Management seminar being run as a result of feedback from last autumn's membership seminars. This was a topic Rotarians specifically asked for, so I'm delighted we have been able to include this as a double session at the Assembly.
We have also arranged sessions being delivered by members of our Foundation, Youth, International, Community and Vocational, Public Image and Fellowship teams and I extend an invitation to all Club chairs for these service areas to come and hear what our District team is able to do to assist your Club. 
Presidents Elect will have Area discussions with their Assistant Governors as they plan for their year managing their Clubs. These sessions are being arranged for the benefit of the management teams at clubs so I would encourage as many as possible to support this event.
After lunch I'm delighted that RIBI President for 2018/19, Debbie Hodge, will be our principal guest, explaining the approach RIBI has adopted as it has restructured its service committee arrangements. This is an approach that may appeal to many of our smaller clubs who do not have the membership resource to appoint chairs in all service areas.
Elgin Rotary is now accepting reservations to attend the handover from Roddy Duncan to me on 2 July 2017 at the Eight Acres Hotel, Elgin. A 12.30 for 1.00pm start is planned so please
CLICK HERE to join us for the handover event.

Details of our Annual conference at Coylumbridge on 28/29 October 2017 are now on the District website.
There are sections detailing the draft programme, the key note speakers already booked to address us, accommodation arrangements, the planned Social programme, the House of Friendship and a booking form.  Please
CLICK HERE to access all these pages of information about the 2017 conference.
Hilary Gordon
Secretaries Training

Secretaries who have attended training have received: 
  • a copy of the RIBI Rotary compliance proforma which has to be signed annually. 
  • The Secretary's diary for 2017-2018
  • District dates for 2017-2018
For more information GO TO
Changes at Turriff

The new club meeting venue is Kastilles, 10 Castle Street, Turriff, AB53 4BT

The meeting time will be unchanged as 1815 for 1830.

Copy: By 8th May to John Minhinick or

Published: 15th May 2017

FOUNDATION                                                 Carol Stewart

Grant Management Seminars
As a follow up for those who attended the recent Grant Management Seminars, a copy of the presentation is available on the District Website
A reminder that all completed Club MoU should be returned to Arthur Griffiths, Stewardship officer as soon as possible. Email -

Purple Crocus corms for planting
This spring is seeing purple crocuses blooming everywhere thanks to the efforts of Rotarians, Rotakids and many others in the wider Rotary family and local communities. So if you want to be part of this again in the coming year please find below the link to the order form and more information. Please note that order forms should be returned to Janet Lowe at the earliest opportunity. Closing date for orders is 31 July 2017.
CLICK HERE for more information.

And ……Purple Crocus buttonholes
It’s that time of year when we are also looking for an indication of whether Clubs wish to order purple crocus buttonholes for selling to raise funds for End Polio. Please click on the link below for more information and let Janet Lowe know by the end of April of your interest so that we may place a
District Order

Polio Survivors and Associates Rotarian Action Group
Any member interested in finding out more or becoming involved with this group can find details on the attached link. The group are keen to support Clubs in their work towards Polio eradication.
CLICK HERE for more information.

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE                       Ewen Hatchwell

East Africa Emergency Appeal

Sixteen million people in East Africa are on the brink of starvation.  They urgently need food, water and medical treatment.  Contact the Disasters Emergency Committee  for more information and to donate.  Alternatively Mary’s Meals  are seeking urgent donations to help desperately hungry children in South Sudan and Kenya.

Refugee Crisis

The Syrian Crisis – The humanitarian crisis in Syrian continues. You can donate to charities giving aid to the refugees, including UNICEF (Protect Syrian children), ShelterBox, Aquabox, Water Survival Box, Medecin Sans Frontiers and the British Red Cross.  See their websites for how each organisation is helping refugees, and how to donate.


There are 39 million blind people in the world, but 80 per cent of blindness can be cured or prevented. That’s 31.2 million people who are blind when they needn’t be.

Sightsavers  is urgently appealing for support for sight saving cataract surgeries in Bangladesh. The cost of restoring a child’s sight is as little as £50 (and for adults just £30) yet in remote rural regions of countries like Bangladesh, many parents are unaware that their child’s sight loss is treatable. More information is available from

Medical Supplies

Thanks to those who responded to PDG Bill Wood’s appeal last month.  Bill has decided to donate the medical supplies to Nyumbani.  
Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG)

There is no other single issue that can impact health, education and economy more than the need for clean water and sanitation. To learn about Rotary Water and Sanitation projects visit WASRAG. Newsletters and information are available from the website. 
MEMBERSHIP                                                                                          Eleanor Macalister
It would be fair to say that one of the major things that has driven our membership team this year has been the alarming figures concerning membership. Figures are dropping, indeed, plummeting, not just in D1010 or RIBI but across the globe.
A slide, which I have consistently shown, indicates where Rotary is growing and where it is declining across the world. Whilst we should never be too caught up in a numbers game per se, it is clear that we should be taking measures to reinvent Rotary where clubs are receding into lunch or supper clubs with a “good speaker” along to entertain.

At the RIBI Regional Assembly in Stirling on the 4th March, the membership team learned of the “A1 Rotary Club”. This is a hugely inventive and successful idea spawned by Rotarians driving up and down the A1 corridor who could not make it to any of the standard Rotary clubs because of time constraints, family constraints and financial constraints. A group now meets in a venue off the A1, en route for home. Could we, dare we, have an “A9 Rotary Club”? Or an “A90 Rotary Club”? Or an “A95 Rotary Club”? Just a thought!
The Membership team is now in a position to share some good ideas and encourage clubs to step outside the box and take some risks. With this in mind, at the recent Executive meeting, the proposal was approved that 2 members from the Membership Team would attend at least one Area meeting in this coming Rotary year, to share some good ideas and some good news about membership. Rather than formal presentations, these visits will be for informal discussions around the table with no holds barred. The plan is to grow Rotary.
We now have a very clear picture of where setting up Satellite Clubs would be absolutely perfect and there are a few areas where setting up a brand-new club is not out of the question.
As all the planning for the new Rotary year progresses in your club, find a slot in the diary for a membership presentation or a club visioning presentation and contact any of us in the team. Details are on the website or in the District Handbook.
YOUTH SERVICE                                               Sheena MacGillivray

Youth Service will have two 50 minute sessions at the Assembly to be held in Dundee on 30th April.  The first session will be an introduction to the programmes (including some new ones) and competitions available to youth in D1010.  There will also be helpful advice on preparing a timetable for Youth Service in the Rotary year.  A Youth Service handbook is being prepared and will be available at the Assembly and online in the new Rotary year. 

The second session – called Youth Service Speed Dating – will give participants the chance to ask questions of members of the Youth team.  It is hoped that experienced Youth Chairs will use this opportunity to share their expertise.

Interact and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Rotary is an Approved Activity Provider (AAP) for the Duke of Edinburgh’s award and can provide placements that count towards the award.  This is a good selling point with schools and youth organisations and can help increase the number of Interact clubs we have in District 1010.  However, to keep our status as an AAP we are required to keep records and report quarterly.  The variety of activities to be reported on are: - helping people; helping animals; helping children; sport and recreation; environmental and conservation; art, music and culture; overseas; community and global action; charity shop; IT; Technology and Administration and Others e.g. residential. We are required to give numbers and levels e.g. bronze, silver or gold. I urge Rotarians, working with Interactors, to help with the recording of these figures and send them to me quarterly.
COMMUNITY SERVICE                                                                 Iain Jamieson
District Flood Appeal - Update

The District Flood Appeal fund is now closed.  At the District Executive meeting on 18th March, it was agreed that the balance of £3,610 is retained for future District emergencies or disasters.

KIDSOUT - Update

The National Co-ordinator is Steve Cartwright: email:

Registering your District/ Club event. Details together with the number of children could not be simpler, just CLICK HERE

Arrangements have been agreed with Steve Cartwright to deliver baseball caps free of charge to 3 locations:
Aberdeen (Ian Gerrie); Dundee (Allison Paterson) and Glenrothes (Ken Stahly). The address details for delivery have been advised to local co-ordinators. 

Baseball caps must be ordered by the end of April at the latest.  The order form for baseball caps can be found via the link in the
KidsOut Newsletter 


East Sutherland Arctic Tern Project - This is a significant project and a great example of working in partnership.  To find out more CLICK HERE

Newsletters - To view the recent Environmental Sustainability Newsletters CLICK HERE

The April Newsletter in particular as it explains RI President Elect Ian Riseley’s challenge to encourage every club to plant a tree for every Rotarian member in 2017/18.  The article also makes reference to the Woodland Trust and the Carbon Offset Scheme.  More information on these items can also be found on the Environment page of the DISTRICT WEBSITE

For more information and help on environmental programmes, projects and activities, please contact Malcolm Rooney, District Environment Officer –

RIBI Community Service

Newsletters - HERE you can find the monthly newsletters from August 2016 to February 2017.

Possible Speaker - Sailors Society in Scotland

Becky Haldane is the Public Engagement Officer for the Sailors’ Society in Scotland. Part of her remit is to speak to church and community groups about their work.  The Society is a Christian charity providing welfare and spiritual support through Port Chaplains in ports around the world.  About 90% of our imports come to us by sea, brought to us by 1.6 million seafarers who spend months at a time away from home facing isolation, loneliness, piracy and dangerous seas.

The organisation enters its 200th year this month and they are looking to make fresh connections with churches, schools and community groups.  Clubs who are looking for speakers may wish to contact Becky on:
FRIENDSHIP                                                                                        Keith Hopkins
[We’re drinking in the last chance saloon!!]
GOLFERS – Jackson Christy golf competition at Royal Dornoch on Sunday 23rd April at 2 pm with coffee  and  bacon  rolls  beforehand,  followed  by  a  2  course  meal afterwards  and  prize-giving,  at the exceptionally low  cost  of  only £80  each, a real bargain to play such a great course.

The winner receives the home trophy and has the right to represent this District and play in the final against an opponent from Western Pennsylvania at home in 2018. They will need to be home-hosted for a few nights and then you will have made a new friend and no doubt be invited back to their country if you agree. Please get you and your club golfers to join in with this. Open to both men and women. Additional golf and an overnight stay can be arranged. Contact Alastair Scott of the Dundee Club for more information.

ANGLERS - the Scottish Rotary National Angling Championships, 2017, is to be held at the Lake of Menteith on 4th June and 5th September.  I have the application form and information and you should look at the District website for this, (I hope to have it there in the next few days). Any problems please contact me and I will send it out to you directly (my details below). Please ensure you get this information around your club members, there must be many “fisher folk” in our clubs.

CRICKET – we have Australian Rotarians coming into the District to look around and hopefully play in Angus and in the north east from 22nd June to 27th June. If you are in Areas 5, 6, 2 and 3 and would like to home host then please help me and let me know ASAP. You don’t have to be a good cricketer or even have to play.  I have contacts for teams but if you would like to play “old men’s” cricket then this is for you. Just call me to find out. Again something will be on the website very soon.

GROUP FRIENDSHIP EXCHANGESwe have 2 Exchanges coming into our District this year and I’m still looking for hosts to look after a Rotarian with their partner  (or more if you have space!!)_for 3 or 4 nights on a B&B basis.  I am hoping clubs, with their neighbouring clubs, could do this. If you would like the opportunity of going to New York State later this year or to the east side of Australia March/April 2018 please let me know ASAP. We don’t wish to let these people down.

See the website for more information click on
District GFE. Please let me know if you can help and get involved and call me if you want to know more. If a club could host, say, 3 couples that would be great. They come here in May 2017 and September 2017 respectively. There are also 2 other Exchanges in the pipeline and they will be organised later this year or next year. 

I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP - Call me or email me on 07715052718 or for more information. I await your call, there is no commitment yet and I won’t hard sell. I just need the opportunity to explain what is involved. I can assure you that you won’t regret getting involved. Friendship is the glue that holds us together and you will make new ones that are life lasting and will have the same ideals as you and I have as Rotarians. 
DATA PROTECTION                                                                  David MacDonald
If you are involved in a project or activity which involves you in collecting personal information, either from fellow Rotarians or from non-Rotarians, you should have a look at these two informative videos. The first one takes a few moments to get going but it is both amusing and challenging about what we need to think about. 

Information Commissioner’s Video

RIBI Video

I can be contacted for advice through the District website.


For a wide range of information, go to My Rotary at:
This section features some of the important issues.

116 Million Children Vaccinated Across Africa

One of the largest synchronised vaccination campaigns in Africa took place on 25-28 March, aiming to reach 116 million children with polio vaccines. Close to 200,000 health workers worked tirelessly over the four days to vaccinate children in 13 countries across Central and West Africa. The campaign is part of an urgent effort to stop polio on the continent following the outbreak in Nigeria in 2016.

CLICK HERE for more information.
 Women Lead Eradication Effort

On March 8, the world celebrated International Women’s Day, offering a chance to highlight the invaluable role women play in the global effort to eradicate polio. Working on the ground  and at the highest levels of government  women are instrumental in protecting children from this disease.

CLICK HERE for more information 



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