Rotary 1010 Digest Issue 38, November 2017

Important Information from District 1010


 Important Information from District 1010

Issue 38 -  November  2017

     [Dates requiring actions are shown in RED]



13/17        Shoebox collection
19             World Toilet Day
28             Start of Water Survival Box Big Christmas Challenge


5               End of Water Survival Box Big Christmas Challenge
10             Nominations close for District Champion of Change
10             Nominations close for District Community Champion 

10             Nominations close for Deputy Secretary, District Com./Voc. Chair

10             Nominations close for District Fellowship Chair, Int. Service Chair

16             Notification of Interest for Young Musician
16             Notification of interest for Youth Speaks



20             Young Chef, Aberdeen
27             Young Chef, Dundee
28             National Immunisation Day


12/16       Euroscola
24            Young Musician, District Final
24            Disease Prevention and Treatment and Peace Seminar, Coventry


3              Youth Speaks, District Final
10            Club Leadership Seminar, Portlethen Academy


7              Young Photographer, District Deadline
7              Young Writer, District Deadline
15            Club Leadership Seminar, Royal George Hotel, Perth
29            District Assembly, Caird Hall, Dundee


9              Primary Schools Quiz Final, Aberdeen


Graeme Archibald DG
Fellow Rotarians

This past month has seen our annual conference come and go with a weekend of great fun and fellowship, complimenting some inspirational speakers and enjoyable entertainment. Sally Magnusson delivered and incredibly moving presentation about "Playlist for Life" and the impact this provides for dementia sufferers. The Rotary International President's representative Greg York spoke highly of the quality of the Conference weekend in his closing remarks after having addressed us on Saturday afternoon.

It was also very encouraging to see Rotary in action, with six clubs reporting on their projects in District and overseas. My sincere thanks to all who have contacted me to say how inspired they felt after attending Coylumbridge, and why we all need to respond to our challenge of reversing a declining membership, continue to increase our support for our own charity; The Rotary Foundation and the End Polio campaign. Carol Stewart delivered her own unique presentation to highlight all the benefits we get by way of Foundation grants as well as updating us on the Countdown to End Polio.

A week later Carol and I, along with about 166 others, attended the 100th Charter dinner with the Rotary Club of Perth. A celebration of one hundred years of service by current and former members and an excellent souvenir booklet reflecting upon personalities and achievements in their history. Well done the organising committee for delivering a most enjoyable evening.

My continuing round of Club visits took me to Kirkwall and Stornoway in October, flying visits, but so beneficial as I meet so many of our district membership and hear first hand what they plan to do to continue the great work we have a reputation for.

Recruitment is critical in Rotary, we can no longer just "think about it" we need to follow the examples of Arbroath and East Sutherland where personal invitations to information evenings has proved very beneficial. Add to this the need to move with the times, adapt our meeting frequency, in many cases without the traditional meal, locations, new breakfast or evening/weekend meetings; all these options must be recognised and accepted.

In District we are currently inviting nominations for some Chairs for 2018/19. Please contact either DGE Ian Dow or me and we'd be pleased to provide further information if required.
Ian Dow DGE
Correction to the October Digest:

will be held on Saturday 10th March in Portlethen Academy and on Sunday 15th April in the Royal George Hotel Perth.  

Hilary Gordon

  • Your club must hold a Special General Meeting (SGM) and elect President, Secretary and Treasurer, then add them to the DMS
  • Treasurer should present club accounts for approval
By 31st December
  • Check membership information is correct in the database as your club will have to pay for all members listed as of 31st December.  This also counts as a Data Protection Check.
  • Add officers for 2018/2019 to DMS, by 31st December 

The information below will be sent to you by Christie Robb for you to:
  • Check directory entry for your club, including meeting information. (venue, day, time)
  • Check directory entry for your club President and Secretary
  • Respond to request for the number of District Directories

There Are Four District Officer Vacancies to be filled for RY 2018/2019

The vacancies to be filled are:

Deputy Secretary 
Community/Vocational Chair 
Fellowship Chair 
International Service Chair.

The closing date for nominations to the District Secretary is the 10th December 2017.



The PVG page on the District website has been updated.

Could all club officers please check that their club is fully compliant with the RIBI and District policies on Protection issues.

Any questions should be emailed to District Protection Officer Alistair Robb


District Shop

A huge thank you to everyone who visited the District 1010 shop at the Conference. I hope that there was something there for everyone – the umbrellas certainly went down a storm (sorry for the pun). Someone left a few small items on the table so if you realised when you got home that there were items missing, please let me know and I can forward them to you.

I am about to commence photographing items to go on the shop webpage of the District website. I hope that it will not be long before you are able to order on line as well as purchasing at Council or Conference meetings. There have been a couple of clubs requesting information about branded clothing. I will be emailing all club secretaries soon with a mail order form so you can place orders directly with me.

Jo Farquhar, District 1010 Supplies


Copy: By 8th December to John Minhinick or

Published: 15th December 2017

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE                      Ewen Hatchwell

Myanmar – Bangladesh – Disaster Relief

More than five million people have fled violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state. They are seeking refuge in Bangladesh, where they urgently need food, water, shelter and medical care.  See the Emergency Appeal by DEC  and/or the Box charities. Aquabox has sent 500 boxes.

For Disaster Relief information from RIBI CLICK HERE  Login to the RIBI website for more details HERE 
World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day is 19 November. Please promote the importance of global sanitation and hygiene. Such a basic human need, but the impact of inadequate or no sanitation, especially on women, is devastating. One in three women worldwide risk shame, disease, harassment and even attack because they have nowhere safe to go to the toilet. Over 500 million women have to go to the toilet in the open.GO TO 

Rotary Water and Sanitation Action Group. For information about water and sanitation projects around the world GO TO 
Water Survival Box

Rotary charity Water Survival Boxes provide life supporting safe water to many people impacted by recent disasters, GO TO  . If you donate to Worldwaterworks Ltd via the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017 between noon on 28 November until noon on 5 December then your donation will be doubled. GO TO  between the dates and times stated.
Mary’s Meals

Donations to Mary’s Meals, which provide daily meals to children, will be doubled until 31 December 2017 to a total of £1.9 million. GO TO 

FOUNDATION                                                Carol Stewart

Changes coming to the Grant Center
In January we will unveil changes to the global grant reporting section of the Grant Center. You’ll find that the report has an updated look, and its content has been aligned with the global grant application. Some report questions will be rephrased for clarity, and the financial portion will be much easier to use. We hope these changes will make it easier for clubs to report on the tremendous work that they accomplish through global grants.
Grants - Changes to grant terms and conditions
The Foundation periodically updates grant terms and conditions for clarity and to include policy changes. See the current version for these changes:

In Section II, the Foundation — Added the requirement for community assessments to be conducted before applying for a global grant (beginning 1 July 2018).

In Section III, the Foundation — Clarified the restrictions on global-grant funded construction to cover projects with or without a strategic partner.

In Section V, the Foundation — Clarified that it cannot fund any grant whose success depends on international travel to a country on the travel ban list, even if the project’s budget excludes the cost of travel.

World Polio Day

Thanks to all the Clubs who participated in different activities across the District. Please ensure you send copies of your pictures to Janet Lowe for inclusion on the website.

Rotary in Scotland generally and District End Polio Now Champion Janet Lowe particularly, have worked very hard to produce a fantastic result in the Scottish Parliament.  See the story HERE and please share it if you haven’t already seen it wide  

There is still time for clubs to liaise with their local cinemas to see how they can use the showing of Breathe (now on general release) to raise the profile of Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign.  Some clubs have been able to arrange special screenings of the film at a later date.  This is very much about what might suit you. Please let us know if you get involved
MEMBERSHIP                                                            Eleanor Macalister
New information coming in the December issue.
YOUTH SERVICE                                               Sheena MacGillivray
Protecting Vulnerable Groups

Please be reminded that Rotarians working with RotaKids and Interact are required to have a PVG.
Our District is guided by RIBI and Disclosure Scotland who jointly have decided that any persons’ involvement with RotaKids and Interact constitutes "regulated work" and therefore requires PVG membership for Rotary.
Furthermore, we are also guided by our insurers who insist on "all reasonable steps being taken" to ensure that Rotarians are covered against any claims. For working with young people this includes joining the PVG scheme.
Additionally, it is illegal for a club to offer "regulated work" to anyone who may be on the barred list. The only way for us to check if someone is on the barred list is to make an application to the PVG scheme.
Further information GO TO

Interact and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Reminder – the quarterly return for involvement of Interactors with Duke of Edinburgh’s Award volunteering activities is due at the beginning of December.

Presidential Citations

Information about what Interact and Rotaract clubs require to achieve before gaining a Presidential Citation in 2017-18 can be found HERE Achievements  must be recorded in My Rotary.

Young Musician and Youth Speaks Competitions

Clubs wishing to have participants in the District final should notify the following coordinators by 16th December.
Young Musician – Sheena MacGillivray -
Youth Speaks – Tim Baker –

Primary School Quiz (PSQ)

Please pass the name of the club coordinator for the quiz to me at This will enable me to email a sample quiz to the coordinator to help with the organisation of the club round.  Guidelines for the PSQ can be found HERE

Youth Exchange
A reminder that it is best to get applicants signed up before the year end so that they can make the best of opportunities as they arise. Iain Gow (District Youth Exchange Ofiicer) will give help and advice to clubs or applicants. For a first port of call, THIS LINK to the website is pretty useful. 

PUBLIC IMAGE                                                                                   Cath Chorley

Please remember to apply our messaging and visual guidelines to your communications to tell Rotary’s story in a consistent and engaging way. CLICK HERE to find plenty of information  (You'll need to log in)

Social Media Policy

The RIBI Public Image Team has issued a Social Media Policy You will find it HERE  (You'll need to scroll down the page)

E. Bulletin

The ebulletin is currently suspended until we find a volunteer to undertake the post of editor. If you are willing to help with this please contact You don’t need technical IT skills just the willingness to collect good copy from clubs.
Iain Jamieson
‘Plant a Tree’ Challenge - Tree Offer NOW OPEN

The Woodland Trust is offering 45 trees for £60. This offer includes stakes and protective sleeves for each tree and is excellent value for money - the normal price being £150.
Trees will be offered on a first come first served basis.
To obtain the trees GO TO or you can go to the RIBI web site to get the direct link. When placing an order, please be sure to identify your order as coming from the Rotary Club of xxx.
To find out more CLICK HERE


Live Cinema for Remote Communities - ‘Window on the World’

At the District Council meeting in Aberdeen on Sunday 17th September, Hans Petri, a retired independent music and arts TV producer and Past President of the Rotary Club of Portree presented a project that captured the imagination of many.

The Concept

From a germ of an idea Hans has a vision to bring live performances of opera, ballet, plays, comedy, musicals and other events to remote communities.  The aim being to enhance community cohesion and quality of life, bring people together and make live cinema accessible and affordable.  The Rotary Club of Portree has already successfully piloted the project in three locations on the Isle of Skye.


Details are being prepared and will be available on the District website soon (mid-November).

RIBI Community Service Cup

The RIBI Home Committee are now looking for nominations for the RIBI Community Service Cup.  For details GO TO

RIBI Champion of Change Awards

For further information, guidelines and nomination forms GO TO

                                                                                                                                                      Keith Hopkins
Friendship wins hands down!

Colin Chessor from the RC of Thurso won the Porridge Bowl in Pennsylvania, District 7280. Click and read more at Jackson Christy Winner

Friendship and fellowship at the District Conference

The Conference at Coylumbridge was excellent for friendship and fellowship. I spoke with many “first timers” who thoroughly enjoyed the event and experienced the fellowship had by over 300 delegates.  As I have said before every new Rotarian, whatever their age, joins with enthusiasm and unless we nurture that they, and we, lose it. I will be sure that those from your club came back with some great enthusiasm and have passed that on to your club’s members. If there was any dislikes then don’t ask them to tell the club but tell the Conference organisers so they can do something about it. The speakers were fantastic and so inspirational and no doubt you will hear about them. I have been able to get the support of Mark Beaumont for the Rotary Ride next year. More of that another time. The glue that holds us together was there, at the Conference, in abundance!

Rotary Group Fellowship Exchanges

At the Conference I managed to sign up more Rotarians who want more from the Fellowships and also who would like to host and be involved in the Exchanges in the pipeline – Australia, South Africa and California as well as going to New York State as guests of those who came into our District in May. I will be in contact. Many of them also agreed to be your club’s point of contact. I know their enthusiasm will help us to get the Friendship of Rotary as a marketing tool for new members. Have a look at the web pages on the subject of RGFE. Click on to Rotary Group Friendship Exchanges or call me on 07715 052718 or e-mail for more information.


If you have a sports, hobbies or Friendship/Fellowship event you would like me to promote then send it to me. I am looking for fun events we can roll out to other clubs to give them ideas. Just e-mail me.

Win a Luxury Holiday Home Rental in France

The Rotary Club of Claverhouse is delighted to offer Rotarians in District 1010 the chance to bid for a luxury self catering holiday in France which the Club itself recently won in a raffle organised by Village Water, one of the charities we work with.

This is your chance to bid for a week’s stay in a large family sized house in the picturesque and historic village of Minervois which is 25 minutes North of Carcassonne, France. The property is owned by one of Village Water’s Trustees. Parc de Lignieres is a former vineyard owner’s family home and is completely private with a pool. The house is located within a walled garden measuring over 2 hectares. It is tastefully designed with five double bedrooms sleeping up to 12 comfortably.

There are regular flights into nearby Carcassonne. For full details of the property and availability please go to The prize is available to be taken on a full week basis before 13 May 2018 or from 17 September – 31 December 2018 by agreement/negotiation with the property owner. 

Confidential bids should be sent to:
Andrew Child
36 Pitairlie Road
Broughty Ferry
Dundee DD5 3RH

For more information GO TO 


For a wide range of information, go to My Rotary at:

The information previously published came from specialist /restricted RI websites and information feeds. Some of the RI feeds that you could register to receive are:
  • Rotary Voices
  • Rotary Weekly
  • End Polio Now Newsletter 
  • Leadership & Development
  • Youth Exchange
  • Young Leader Action
  • Rotary Global Awards

In addition there is a good non-Rotary site:
  • Global Polio Eradication Initiative
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