Rotary 1010 Digest Issue 39, December 2017

News from District 1010

News from District 1010


 Important Information from District 1010

Issue 39 -  December  2017

     [Dates requiring actions are shown in RED]



16             Notification of interest for Youth Speaks
31             Club Accounts Certificate to the District Treasurer



9               Club Health Check Taster Session, Alford
10             Club Health Check Taster Session, Lonmay
11             Club Health Check Taster Session, Banff
20             Young Chef, Aberdeen
27             Young Chef, Dundee
28             National Immunisation Day
                Club Health Check Taster Session, Perth


5              Club Health Check Taster Session, Brora
7              Club Health Check Taster Session, Banchory
9              Club Health Check Taster Session, Aberdeen
12/16       Euroscola
24            Young Musician, District Final
24            Disease Prevention and Treatment and Peace Seminar, Coventry
28            Deadline for items for Annual Magazine


3              Youth Speaks, District Final
10            Club Leadership Seminar, Portlethen Academy
10            Foundation Grant Seminar at CLS
22            World Water Day


7              Young Photographer, District Deadline
7              Young Writer, District Deadline
15            Club Leadership Seminar, Royal George Hotel, Perth
15            Foundation Grant Seminar at CLS
29            District Assembly, Caird Hall, Dundee


9              Primary Schools Quiz Final, Aberdeen


Graeme Archibald DG
With the festive period beckoning the half way point in my DG year is also rapidly approaching.
Just twelve months ago and I was tidying up the final arrangements ahead of heading for the annual International Assembly along with 538 other 2017/18 District Governors. A lot of water has passed “under the bridge” since then, completing those final training stages, delivering the Club Leadership Seminars, the District Assembly and then the planning of my diary of Club visits from July.
I’ve now managed to meet with some 79 of the 90 Clubs in District 1010 and the remaining visits are arranged for early in the new year.
It’s been a real pleasure and privilege visiting Clubs and meeting members this year and some of the discussions have certainly been very enlightening, but also encouraging.
The membership message I’ve been delivering has highlighted the priority this area needs urgently, our District membership numbers up by just 14 since 1st July 2017. Given we lost some 80/90 Rotarians in June 2017 the scale of the growth, even to stand still, is significant and the reality is we need to report a membership growth on 1st July 2018 to reverse the declines in the past 5 years.
In January the launch to Clubs and Districts of Rotary2 takes place so please monitor our website as well as the RIBI site so you are aware of the support being offered to assist our membership growth initiatives. The Public launch is planned for the second half of February.
Equally I’ve tried to explain how the benefits of supporting our own Rotary Foundation Charity Annual Fund can in turn benefit our Clubs in the award of District Grants and also Global Grants to projects they present to our Foundation committee. Can your Club increase its support of Foundation this year? Please try.
The End Polio challenge is the other key project we need to support. We are on that final count down to the 36 consecutive months we need with no new cases of polio being reported. Rotary International has a US$50 million target for this and the next two years so your continued support is still needed as immunisations go on. We need US$500 million a year for the next three years, with Rotary’s share some 10% of the total, so we must do our best as we edge ever closer to our ultimate objective of seeing a world free of Polio.
Finally many will remember my request that we record service project details along with club goals on Rotary Club Central. I do hope you will support this initiative as well as it really could deliver District benefit for us.
As we enter the second half of our Rotary year I hope I can count on your support for the challenges that face us. Let’s continue to be Rotary: Making a Difference as we deliver Service above Self as part of this great organisation. We are looking change straight in the face, new style clubs and meeting formats have to appear, working in parallel with traditional meeting formats. Surely we can work together for all our best interests, with youth and experience side by side.
I thank all our District team for the support they have given me these past six months and I look forward to their continuing the great work they have delivered to Clubs, for the rest of our year.
I take this opportunity of wishing all my fellow Rotarians in District 1010 a Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2018.
D G Graeme 
Ian Dow DGE
There are 3 District Chair vacancies:
  • Community/Vocational
  • International
  • Fellowship.

Please let District Secretary Hilary or me know if you are interested. 

Closing date is extended to 17th Dec.
Hilary Gordon
The RIBI  Media Crisis Management Procedure 2017/18

There may be occasions when incidents arise that could result in negative press for Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (Rotary). The document provides guidance and essential phone numbers for use in a crisis situation...available HERE (You will need to log in to the RIBI site first - you can do this here then come back and click on the link) 


Rotary Club Central 

The new updated Rotary Club Central  has now been up and running  for several months and it is  much easier and simpler to use  
As a district we are making progress and are well ahead of where we were this time last year.  We already have 11  new Clubs who did not use RCC last year, but  are now actively using it,   however there are 16 clubs that used RCC last year who have not got round to setting up their  goals  this year yet. Please  take a little time and set up up your goals and start recording your activities.
For those clubs who have still to start using RCC  it is  easy to use and if you would like a little help to get started  I’m happy to "talk" you thro the process. 
If you want some help please contact me by email or call me on 07970609056.

Henry Riddoch , Club Central Support Officer
  • Your club must hold a Special General Meeting (SGM) and elect President, Secretary and Treasurer, then add them to the DMS
  • Treasurer should present club accounts for approval
By 31st December
  • Check membership information is correct in the database as your club will have to pay for all members listed as of 31st December.  This also counts as a Data Protection Check.
  • Add officers for 2018/2019 to DMS, by 31st December 

The information below will be sent to you by Christie Robb for you to:
  • Check directory entry for your club, including meeting information. (venue, day, time)
  • Check directory entry for your club President and Secretary
  • Respond to request for the number of District Directories
  • Respond to the request for the number of magazines.  Remember that they can be used for recruitment and promoting your club.

Accounts Certificate
Just a reminder  that the accounts certificate for the year ended 30 June 2017 should be approved by the current Club President and sent to me by 31 December 2017. A copy of the form can be found  on the D1010 website. 
The Learning & Development sessions will be coming up early next year and I wonder if Club Treasurers have any topics they would like covered at these sessions? If so, could they please let me know by emailing me

Sandra Ross, Treasurer


Copy: By 8th January to John Minhinick or

Published: 15th January 2018

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE                      Ewen Hatchwell

Myanmar – Bangladesh – Disaster Relief

Ethnic cleansing in Rakhine State, Myanmar, has forced over 700,000 Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh. Food, water, shelter, medical care for families and safe spaces for children are urgently needed. Visit Children on the Edge  or  Save the Children or DEC and the Rotary Box charities.
For Disaster Relief information from RIBI CLICK HERE 

First Steps Himalaya (Volunteers are needed for 2018)

FSH are looking for volunteers with any of the following skills for March / April in Nepal:

•           early childhood / primary school teaching experience
•           teacher training experience
•           painting / decorating
•           general labouring eg fence building
•           administration experience

Visit the FSH website HERE to find out more information
Read the FSH December 2017 Newsletter HERE 

Rotary Shoebox

To read the Christmas 2017 Shoebox update CLICK HERE 

A Christmas Message

Donating to Rotary means clean water and sanitation. Health and hope in areas that were once ravaged by diseases like polio. Economic development and new opportunities. Your financial help makes these and more happen. VISIT and click Donate.

Water and Sanitation

World Water Day will be 22nd March 2018. It focuses on the approximately 1.8 billion people worldwide who must rely on water contaminated with faeces, putting them at risk of contracting cholera, dysentery, typhoid, polio and other waterborne diseases. The UN's Sustainable Development Goals include a target to ensure everyone has access to safe water by 2030, making water a key issue in the fight to eradicate extreme poverty.

FOUNDATION                                                Carol Stewart

Vacancies to join the District Foundation team
In the forthcoming Rotary year there will be opportunities to join the District Foundation team as:
  • District Grants Officer  
  • Scholarship Officer.

If you are interested in either role or would like more information then please contact Carol Stewart
Foundation Grant Management Seminars in 2018 – Save the dates now

A reminder that the Grant Management Seminars for the Rotary year 2018 -2019 will be held as part of the Club Leadership Seminars in Aberdeen on 10th March 2018 & in Perth on the 15th April 2018 .
If your Club wishes to participate in a District or Global Grant funded project then the Club must be represented at one of these seminars as part of the qualification process.

Audit Committee Annual Report

CLICK HERE the link below to access the Annual Financial Assessment Report and the Audit Committee Report on the District Foundation Team activity in the last twelve months.


Find copies of the most recent RIBI Zone and End Polio Now newsletters on the links below. Lots of really good information to be found in them both, so please take a moment or two to review.
ZONE link
End Polio Now link
MEMBERSHIP                                                            Eleanor Macalister
Club Visioning

Over 30 presentations and workshops completed and a number in the pipeline for 2018. At the District Conference in October, RI Director, Greg Yank, spoke warmly and enthusiastically about the work being done in this District regarding Club Visioning. Gary Macalister, Club Visioning, has been in further communication with Greg Yank and is awaiting an update on a follow-up process which is being considered at the moment.
Photographs of Visioning workshops can be viewed on the Membership Club Visioning page on the website.
Contact Gary Macalister or Jim Houston for more information at:

Club Health Check

This is a Membership tool which is  “hot off the press” and clubs will be hearing a little about this at upcoming Area Meetings. Area “Taster Sessions” as we have called them, will provide clubs with some information in the first instance. These “Tasters” are part of the normal Area meeting and usually take 1 hour. Areas 5 and 8 have already heard a little about them and AGs Mike and Heather will be encouraging clubs to take the next step which will be a short presentation from Membership at a club meeting. Areas signed up for January and February are:
Area 3: 

9th January in Alford Community Campus, Alford
10th January in The Ban Car Hotel, Lonmay
11th January in the Fife Lodge Hotel, Banff
Area 7:

29th January in The Royal George Hotel, Perth
Area 1:

5th February in Brora. This will possibly run longer as it will include using Zoom to include those unable to make the journey to Brora.
Area 4: 

7th February in Banchory.
9th February at Curl Aberdeen.
Area 2:

Currently awaiting confirmation of a date in February.
Contact Gary Macalister at for further details.
Membership Chair, Eleanor, was successful in securing funding of £1000.00 from RIBI to go towards the expense of material for Club Health Check workshops as well as supporting clubs pursuing setting up a new club.

Satellite Clubs

We have a number of clubs who are considering creating a Satellite club and we would encourage them to “bite the bullet” and go for it! Help is always at hand. Speak to your AG in the first instance.

New Clubs 

How about giving birth to a new club in the New Year! This would make a fantastic difference to Rotary in 1010. Far from mothering a new club being seen as a “threat” to your own club, look at it from the perspective of including people who cannot make it along to your meeting for whatever reason and provide them with an opportunity to be included in Rotary. We know that those who tend to become part of a new club are people who are project-driven and with little or no time to spend on sitting down and eating a meal every week. Ken McLennan and Martin Forster are the people to speak to on this so don’t hesitate to lift the phone or e-mail:

Rotary Alumni

Rotary Alumni  encourages clubs to re-engage and encourage both young and old who have had the opportunity to have some involvement in Rotary in the past. John Milne is the one who has laboured in the vineyard on this and John can be contacted on: for more details.

Information will be on the Membership pages of the website shortly.
The Membership team is here to support clubs. The members of the team work hard to “make a difference”. It is not our role to tell people what to do – rather  to offer support and encouragement. For any matters concerning Membership, please contact the above team members or myself,
Eleanor Macalister, at:
Membership pages on the 1010 website pages can be found

YOUTH SERVICE                                               Sheena MacGillivray
Young Musician and Youth Speaks Competitions

Clubs wishing to have participants in the District final should notify the following coordinators by 16th December.

Young Musician – Sheena MacGillivray 
Youth Speaks – Tim Baker 


All clubs who gave me the names of their PSQ coordinator have been sent a sample quiz and a quiz for the club round.  Any club still wishing to have access to these materials should get in TOUCH with me.


Thirteen participants from the eighteen nominations received from D1010 clubs were chosen for this year’s Euroscola visit to Strasbourg. The standard was excellent with all of the nominations scoring highly on language and community involvement. It really came down to the strength of their personal statements and essay.  
It looks likely, from information received, that this will be the last Euroscola trip as the UK is planning to be out of the European Union by March 2019.

Youth Exchange – Iain Gow

Clubs are reminded that it is best to get applicants signed up for the Youth Exchange programme before the end of the year so that they can make the best of opportunities as they arise. For details on the various youth exchange programmes GO TO 

Young Chef

The Aberdeen final of the Young Chef Competition will be held at North East Scotland College (City Campus), Gallowgate, Aberdeen AB25 1BN on Saturday 20 January. 

The Dundee final will be the following Saturday (27th) at Dundee and Angus College (Kingsway Campus), Old Glamis Road, Dundee DD3 8LE.  Please contact Tim Baker for further information

Presidential Citations

Information on the requirements for a Rotaract or Interact Presidential Citation can be found HERE
 Achievements for this must be recorded in My Rotary.
The RotaKids Citation information is part of the RIBI RotaKids PACK.  You will have to be logged in to access this information.

PUBLIC IMAGE                                                                                   Cath Chorley
Annual Magazine

We will be publishing our annual magazine to coincide with the District Assembly in April 2018. Articles are welcome outlining projects from Rotary Clubs. Please write in an active voice and include good photographs of action shots. The magazine will be outward facing so that it can be used as a resource to attract members. Articles are required by the end of February and should be sent to
Iain Jamieson
Live Cinema for Remote Communities - ‘Window on the World’

At the District Council meeting in Aberdeen on Sunday 17th September, Hans Petri, a retired independent music and arts TV producer and Past President of the Rotary Club of Portree presented a project that captured the imagination of many. Details of this District initiative can be found HERE

Saddle up for the Rotary Ride in 2018 in support of the fight against Prostate Cancer

RIBI is delighted to announce that the national cycling event, the Rotary Ride, is supporting the fight against prostate cancer and that registration for events is now open
Further details can be found HERE


The Home Committee – Newsletter

The Home Committee publishes a monthly newsletter which can be found on the district website. Click HERE  for the latest newsletters (from June to November).


Environment - Newsletter

The Environment Sustainability Group publish a newsletter every month.  Click HERE for the latest newsletters (March to October)
                                                                                                                                                      Keith Hopkins
This is the time of year we all enjoy some fun and friendship and I hope that your club is being as attractive as it can for the new and potential members. Just because your club has had the same arrangements and celebrations for the last umpteen years doesn’t mean they are right for today. All I ask is that you ask the question – if I was a new member would I really like this or would I want something different?

Ask the new members and try something different – incorporate some fun into the proceedings. If you have a Christmas meal why not try something with it (quiz, Murder Mystery, charades, Gavel style games, Christmas Carol Pictionary, Christmas Movie Trivia, etc.) and have it as a fundraiser or a potential members and friends event. Invite more to come along and join the fun and festivities. They may then see the club at its best.
In the new year I will be in touch with your club’s contact for the Rotary Friendship Exchanges I have highlighted on the website. Have a look as we need to move very quickly in January. Be prepared and ask anyone in the household who might be affected or even wish to go as well as host. 
This is the time to be jolly and I really hope you enjoy the festive season and NEVER say “Bah, Humbug” now or in the future – you will remember what happened to Scrooge!!
Finally I am looking for my replacement to do this job for the next three years. Come forward with a smile on your face and let me know or call me to find out more about the most valuable job in Rotary – making Rotarians have fun!!

For a wide range of information, go to My Rotary at:

The information previously published came from specialist /restricted RI websites and information feeds. Some of the RI feeds that you could register to receive are:
  • Rotary Voices
  • Rotary Weekly
  • End Polio Now Newsletter 
  • Leadership & Development
  • Youth Exchange
  • Young Leader Action
  • Rotary Global Awards

In addition there is a good non-Rotary site:
  • Global Polio Eradication Initiative
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