Breathe Film - availability for Clubs

The Breathe film about polio survivor Andew Cavendish is available to Clubs for showing under certain conditions

Breathe was released on DVD/BluRay on 5th March.  The film distributors STX have very exceptionally and kindly agreed that, for any Rotary charity screening within Great Britain and Ireland which is outside of commercial cinemas and uses DVD or BluRay, there will be no licence fee/charge payable.  To take advantage of this the proceeds must go to our Rotary End Polio Now campaign and applies to any Rotary screening at any venue other than a commercial cinema including club meeting venues, village and community cinemas and similar.  Any charity screening at a commercial cinema will still be subject to a charge.

So, to take advantage of this excellent opportunity clubs must:-

1) Buy your own copy of the DVD/BluRay from a legal source such as HMV, Amazon.
2) You MUST email Jannine Birtwhistle in advance with details of the planned screening/s including date, location and event details as SHE MUST maintain a list of all screenings and update this list for the film distributors on a regular basis.  Failure to do so may mean this amazing deal is withdrawn for the whole of Rotary GB&I;
3) Only use this DVD/BluRay for personal use and/or for charity screening; and 
4) Only use the Breathe image for Breathe as previously provided in the Briefing Note (requires member login).  This can be topped and tailed as appropriate for the event but do not alter the image itself in any way.

Click here for the Briefing note