Art Therapy at Forres

​Forres Rotary has been working with Green Tree Arts and Forres Academy to provide Art Therapy for youngsters who would benefit from some support.

Guidance staff and the Moray Engagement team are used to identify the youngsters who would gain from early intervention because of such issues as low self esteem, anxiety and other emotional issues. 

Art Therapy is not about the quality of the art produced but instead is designed to use art as a means of building relationships and encouraging interaction.  Art also gives the youngsters a means of expressing themselves and provides an opportunity to learn more about themselves.  As the class takes place after school, and usually lasts 90 minutes, it requires commitment from the youngsters.  

In the last year Forres Rotarians have supported four groups of six weeks: in all 25 teenagers benefitted.   Money to fund this activity came from an Art Auction supported by local artists.  We hope to continue to raise funds to ensure more youngsters can benefit from this course.