Quarryhill RotaKids Rewarded

Quarryhill RotaKids, supported by Aberdeen St. Nicholas Rotary Club, were presented with Aberdeen City Enterprise Award at the annual Children and Young People’s Services award ceremony at the Beach Ballroom last night.

Quarryhill RotaKids consists of a group of around twenty P6/P7 pupils who have worked tirelessly over school year 2017-’18 to try to make things better for other people, not only within their own community but also in other parts of the world where many people are often rather less fortunate than themselves. Although the focus at Quarryhill this year has been principally on social enterprise and social capital, we do believe that genuine initiative, creativity and responsibility have been shown consistently over the year by the young people involved. The five key enterprise ‘threads’ which have been undertaken by Quarryhill RotaKids this year alongside Aberdeen St. Nicholas Rotary and Rotaract Aberdeen (for young people aged 18-30) can be outlined as follows:

A.    Work at Kingswood Court alongside a ‘dementia ambassador’ based there.
B.    Our disability-friendly, school garden improvement project.
C.    Enhanced involvement in annual Rotary ‘Shoebox’ appeal.
D.    Involvement in ‘Plant a Tree Challenge’ for Earth Day (22nd April 2018)
E.    Involvement in annual Rotary ‘End Polio Now’ campaign.

All of these projects have had important but very different benefits for a whole range of people; from users of council services with dementia,  young people living in difficult circumstances in Eastern Europe, right through to folks living in Northfield who have a straightforward pride in their community and just like to see a bonnie bit of school grounds at the heart of their home area. However, we do believe that the project has also had very clear benefits for our RotaKids themselves in terms of helping to increase their understanding of a host of different aspects of everyday life for people of all ages, in both ‘close to home’ contexts and in far-flung corners of the world.