Fun and Games in the Square - Saturday 20th July

As part of Summerfest, Callander Rotary, in collaboration with Callander Ladies Circle, will be holding a children's 'Fun and Games' event in Ancaster Square

Following last year's very popular debut of our 'Fun and Games in the Square' event, we  repeated it during this year's Summerfest, with some added games.  Rotary worked with Callander Ladies Circle to bring fun and enjoyment to Callander's children as well as those of our visitors.

The games included 'Splat the Rat',' Potty Dotty' (come along and find out), 'Hooking the Duck', 'Rotary Photary' and picture drawing.

The Square was very busy and the children seemed to enjoy our activities.  In particular the drawing competition proved to be very popular with some 33 children across all age groups taking part.  The quality of drawing was very high and below you can see the ones judged to be best in each age group;

Ages 3 to 4 - Winner: Alex Butler

Ages 5 to 6 - Winner: Christina Wood

Age Group 7 to 8 - Winner: Lucy Wilson

Age Group 9 and over - Winner: Lilly-May Owen

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