Young Artist

Young Artist


Competition Guidance

This competition aims to encourage young people to use traditional or contemporary methods of art to:

Experiment with creativity within art.

Execute and interpret a topic or theme with flair and imagination.

Express their ideas through the medium of art and share creative talents with a wide audience.

The competition is open to all schools and colleges, including students educated at home. The age range for competitors is:

Junior Primary School 

Intermediate High School Pupils S1, S2 and S3 (or equivalent )

Senior High School Pupils S4, S5 and S6 ( or equivalent )


   To produce one finished 2-dimensional, up to a maximum size of A2, unframed piece of artwork based upon the theme, ‘Wild Nature’ 

We welcome artwork in the following mediums: Pen & ink, paint, collage or print making

To accompany the submission, each entrant must provide a brief sentence describing the relationship of the artwork to the theme.

The judging criteria is: Imagination & style, content and composition and Interpretation of the theme.

Pieces of artwork that are part of a current educational exam portfolio are not eligible for the competition, due to educational exam board regulations.

All entrants receive a participation certificate from their sponsoring Rotary Club with winners & those placed awarded a prize.

Click on this link for further details, or contact Gordon Wowk through the contact form on this page

Artwork will not be returned unless specifically requested, but winners’ entries will be retained for display at the Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Showcase at the NEC, 7-9 May 2021. Winning entries from districts are to be sent to the Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Support Centre in Alcester by Monday 29th March 2021.

Gordon Wowk is the new organiser of the Young Artist Competition He says of himself - 

  • I am Past President of St. Andrews and in-coming Club Secretary.
  • I don’t have an artistic bone in my body!
  •  I was completely turned off Art at school because of the caustic comments made by one of my teachers ( name available on request ). The memory of that has stayed with me all my life and when I became a teacher myself ( not of Art obviously ) I made the conscious decision never, ever to talk to children in a way that would make them feel embarrassed or humiliated because of their work.
  •  When I moved to Dunfermline High School in the 1987, I had the good luck to come in contact with an inspirational Art teacher who was able to motivate children and give them a real sense of achievement regardless of their talent and ability.
  •  He invited me to take part in a Comenius project funded by the British Council, in which children from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Norway and Scotland collaborated on a project which focussed on producing works of art, visiting each other’s countries, staying with local families and mounting an international exhibition. It was a fascinating experience and, arguably, the highlight of my career..


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