Middlesbrough Erimus

Middlesbrough Erimus Static Bike Ride

Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary Organises its First Static Bike Challenge.

Despite the word Challenge in its title Erimus members intended their latest fundraiser to be lots of fun and not especially competitive. But we completely misjudged the inherent combative nature of most of our entrants! We saw loads of enthusiasm, intense effort and buckets of sweat – but fortunately no blood and certainly no tears. Ultimately every entrant and all the onlookers thoroughly enjoyed the experience and most threatened to return ‘next year’.

The Static Bike Challenge, organised by Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary, was held in early March, thankfully just before the lockdown. It took place in the Atrium at James Cook University Hospital and involved teams of up to 4 people riding static exercise bikes in relay for 2 hours. The event took place over 2 days and attracted 16 teams, approximately 60 entrants in total.

Four exercise bikes were borrowed from the Cardio Physiotherapy Unit at the hospital. The bikes had recently been donated to the unit by the South Cleveland Heart Fund, one of the beneficiaries from the event along with the Prostate Cancer Unit at the Hospital, funds being divided equally between the two. So equipment provided courtesy of SCHF was used to raise more cash for that cause – a nice twist.

For the record teams generally recorded distances between 60 and 80 km. However ‘Richard’s Rascals’, admittedly with the dual advantages of being both relatively young and very fit, recorded an amazing 99.39 km, averaging almost 32 miles per hour!

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown some entrants are understandably having difficulty collecting all their sponsorship monies at present. However we are confident that the final return will eventually reach around £4k. This is an excellent result for our first attempt and gives us the confidence and enthusiasm to repeat next year when we are sure we will attract many more teams.

Photo shows Erimus Vice President David (on nearest bike) and his team. ‘Could try harder’