Learning and Development

Information for Club Officers

District Seminars 

are aimed at Rotarians with an interest in the topic or ownership of the topic for their club.  They aim to cover the opportunities that exist e.g. for Youth and the legal needs for topics such as Protecting Vulnerable Groups or Equity & Diversity.  Needless to say, the Secretary one is aimed at current or prospective club secretaries.

Provisional dates

Wed 02 September        - 19:00 – Equity and diversity

Wed 02 September        - 19:00  - Secretary

Wed 02 September        - 19:00 – Youth

Wed 02 September        - 19:00 – HSE, also COVID issues

Sat 19 September           - 10:00  - Youth

Sat 19th September        - 10:00 – Equity and Diversity

Sat 19th September        - 10:00 - Secretary

Sat 19 September           - 13:00 – PVG

Sat 19th September        - 10:00 – Fundraising in a cashless society

Thurs 24 September       - 19:00  - Fundraising in a cashless society

Thurs 24 September       - 18:00  - DMS / RCC


membership is introduced / continued in The Forum – directly or indirectly, but will be clearly signalled in advance with clear focus on 07 September.

Booking Form

In due course there will be a booking form on this page. Because the above dates and indeed the speakers have still to be confirmed the form won’t be live at this time, but hopefully fairly soon and we will communicate with all club secretaries, once this goes live.