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This page will feature all upcoming training courses, seminars, etc which are designed to help you in your Rotary work

Hello Everybody,

I'm sure that, over the past two years or so you've all become masters of Zoom but at last we're able to start meeting in person again. As the optimist would say there are no such things as problems just opportunities and whilst we've been unable to meet each other Rotary Learning has been fulfilling the Rotary Opens Opportunies mandate by providing a range of useful online courses ....Lockdown Learning!

In the spirit of belt and braces would you please continue to circulate it to your members who may find a course or two a useful way of filling time that would otherwise have been spent on a cold wet street shaking buckets at passers by.

I look forward to meeting and working with many of you in the coming months.

Yours in Rotary 

Gary Adams                       District Leadership and Development Support.

 Learning opportunities as the nights draw out

Maybe you cannot yet meet in the pub, do any fund raising or carry out community activities so apart from Zoom what is a Rotarian to do as the nights begin to draw out?

All is not lost!  Remember:

Rotary Opens Opportunities …And Here Are Some Opportunities to Improve Your Effectiveness As a Rotarian

Rotary Learning Center (Yes, I know) has a wealth of easily digestible and short online courses covering the following areas:

Fund raising

Club and District Leadership

Members Professional development

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Examples include:

Club president, club secretary, club treasurer, club administration, developing membership strategies, planning projects, Rotary Foundation, club public image, leading teams, making inspirational speeches etc

Gary Adams

Rotary District 1110

Leadership and Development Support