District Development and Training

This page will feature all upcoming development, preparation and training courses, and seminars.

District 1110’s Leadership Development and Training (LDT) Team works to provide preparation and development opportunities and events to help you in your role in Rotary.  These are connected to the various leadership roles in Rotary, and to activities that help us all undertake those roles, for example, presentation skills, understanding DMS (Data Management System) or using Rotary Club Central. 

Although we have all moved to more “in-person” events, we also appreciate that some of us are wary about joining rooms full of people.  So, when we are running “in-person” events we shall be aiming to provide virtual access as well.

There is also a plethora of learning opportunities in the Rotary Learning Centre which can be accessed via the Rotary International website.  You will need to register for “My Rotary” first, but here is the link to the Learning Centre:


There are a variety of short online courses as well as information sections, and plenty of coverage of leadership roles and specific aspects of Rotary, eg Foundation.  

The Leadership Development and Training team of:

  • Richard Burnett, Bill Casey, Debbie Dunford, Louisa Hiscock, Caroline Millman, George Phillips, Helen Ricketts, Julian Ricketts, and Stuart Wineberg
is here to help in any way we can, and we look forward to working with Club and District Officers over the coming months.  

Contact: Caroline Millman - carolinemillman9@gmail.com     Tel: 07760 160906


For first-time Presidents for the Rotary Year 2024 to 2025:

  • Saturday 20 January 2024 - Presidents Elect Preparation Seminar (PEPS 1)

For repeating Presidents for the Rotary Year 2024 to 2025:

  • Saturday 3 February 2024 - Presidents Elect Preparation Seminar (PEPS)

These will be “in-person” events with virtual access - venue and times to be confirmed.