The Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation is Rotary’s one and only charity delivering our vision of a better world.

Foundation Team members -

Lead Olive Geddes
Depute John Waddell
Foundation Treasurer Peter Croan
End Polio Now  Jim Carmichael 
Paul Harris Society  Roy Redwood
Paul Harris Fellows John Waddell
Global Grants  Calum Thomson 
District Grants John Waddell
Rotary Scholars - Global Scholars Lindsay Craig
The Rotary Foundation Fund Development  Alasdair Seale
Vocational Training Teams Calum Thomson 
Peace Officer Jean Best
Team Member Joyce Waddell
Foundation Stewardship Chair Allan MacLaughlan
Foundation Stewardship Olive Geddes
Foundation Stewardship John Waddell
Foundation Stewardship Alasdair Seale
Foundation Stewardship Peter Croan
Foundation Champions - Ayrshire Andy Slater
Foundation Champions - Borders Olive Geddes
Foundation Champions - Central Kate Keter
Foundation Champions - Digital Area Calum Thomson 
Foundation Champions - East & Mid Lothian Calum Thomson 
Foundation Champions - Edinburgh City Ken Lindsay
Foundation Champions - Glasgow City Duncan Collinson
Foundation Champions - Lanarkshire Allan MacLaughlan
Foundation Champions - North Clyde John Waddell
Foundation Champions - South Clyde Lindsay Craig
Foundation Champions - South West Maurice Halliday
Foundation Champions - West Coast Alasdair Seale

Team members can be contacted via DMS

Since it started in 1917 with a $26.50 donation, The Rotary Foundation has spent more than $4 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects. 

Our motto is simply ‘Doing Good in the World’.The Rotary Foundation is supported solely by contributions from the public, Rotary members and friends of the Rotary Foundation.

Those contributions, gifts and donations are transformed into service projects that change the lives of thousands of people across the world.

With 91% of funds spent on the programmes and projects it delivers, The Rotary Foundation, based at Rotary HQ in Illinois, USA, is globally recognised for its financial efficiency, accountability and transparency.

Rotary Foundation Grants

Each year, The Rotary Foundation gives away millions of dollars in grants to Rotary clubs throughout the world for humanitarian projects, vocational training and scholarships. 

Ranging from small-scale, short-term activities to large, international projects, Rotary grants strengthen global partnerships and help tackle some of humanities greatest challenges in Rotary’s Areas of Focus:

The Rotary Foundation of the United Kingdom

The Rotary Foundation of the United Kingdom (RFUK) is an Associate Foundation of The Rotary Foundation. RFUK supports the aims of The Rotary Foundation by providing funding for its programmes and offering a direct service for giving in Great Britain and Ireland.

RFUK has recovered over £1 million in Gift Aid since 2001, allowing even more communities to benefit from The Rotary Foundation.


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The Rotary Foundation pages:

Rotary Foundation Grants

more Information on District and Global Grants

Rotary Foundation Speakers

more The Rotary Foundation Team members would be happy to speak to your Club.

District Grants Awarded 2023-24

more A list of District Grants awarded to clubs in the year 2023-24, showing some of the activities clubs can get Foundation support for.

Rotary Scholars 2023-24

more The Rotary Foundation offers scholarship funding through the Rotary Foundation Global Grants. for graduate-level coursework or research in a subject covered by one of Rotary's seven areas of focus.

Funding the Rotary Foundation

more The Rotary Foundation is Rotary’s only charity, Rotarians and friends of Rotary are encouraged to support it.

End Polio Now

more The campaign to eradicate polio is Rotary’s most important programme.