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Lead  Doug Forsyth   
Depute Helen Syme  
Membership Support Team Lynne Neilson  
Alumni Alistair Mackintosh  
Direct Membership Liaison Calum Thomson   
Team Member Alastair Crabb  
Team Member Isabel McCallum  

Team members can be contacted via DMS

The key element affecting the growth of any club is its members, without whom project delivery would be impossible. To that end, the District has in place a dedicated Membership Support Team whose primary function is to assist clubs in their drive to both retain and welcome new members.
The team recognises that growing and developing membership can be a significant issue for clubs and therefore they are driven to offering the necessary tools to help clubs grow. The team meet on a monthly basis when they examine current trends and consider what supportive measures are appropriate, either at club, area, or district level. 
In addition to supporting clubs, they also form a part of the structure to welcome potential new members who express an interest in Rotary through the national Rotary GB&I structure. This involves making initial contact with the potential new member and assessing the most important route through to membership, which might include an introduction to individual club membership leads or indeed an introduction into the direct membership model.
The team are currently undertaking a series of Membership Development Fora (MDF) in each of the 11 areas across the District, where a number of critical aspects of retaining and building membership are discussed with a view to providing clubs with some fresh ideas on how to attract new members. The first session will be kicked off in the West Coast area in September '23 and will continue until the last area has been visited in the spring months of 2024. A selection of the resources we use to generate discussion are included later in this page.
It is clear that members are more likely to stay if their club experience is fulfilling. Consider the following ideas to help members feel involved, valued, and cared for:
  • Communicate with people at every stage of their membership. If members think their experience in the club can be improved, take action to make changes. There are a number of resources which you can use to learn more about what members are thinking:
    1. The 'member interest survey' will help you understand what new and prospective members care about and how they want to contribute. 
    2. The 'member satisfaction survey' can be distributed each year to all members. 
    3. Use the 'Club Health Check' to identify areas where your club could improve and determine how to keep your club relevant for members and the community. 
The online version of the health check can be found here:  Member Satisfaction Survey  Use either this version or the hard copy above to assess the experiences you’re offering to existing members. Asking for member feedback at every stage of their membership journey can ensure your are 'Enhancing Participant Engagement'.

Additionally, when new members join your club, provide a new member orientation that offers a meaningful learning experience, personal connections, inspiration, and fun.

By asking for feedback regularly and responding to it, you show that you’re open to change, and you empower members to be involved in creating their ideal club experience.
You can source these and more membership resources in 'My Rotary'
Our Support Team are committed to being available to assist in your efforts to grow your club, so please feel free to make contact should you require any advice or assistance.
Best Regards,
Doug Forsyth


Available Guidance Documents

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The following docs are provided to clubs as examples of what can be used as introductions to new residents in an area, all of which can be amended to suit local needs and current Rotary themes: