Antiques Valuation Day

Tue, Apr 2nd 2024 at 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Over 120 attended with 70 paying to get their valuables assessed by Great Western Auction experts. After costs we can report that just under £430 has been raised for charity.

Allander Rotary had arranged for Anita Manning and her Great Western Auctions experts to come to Bearsden to value your treasures.  This was a charity fund raiser, with people paying £10 to get 3 items valued and to enjoy a tea/coffee/juice and biscuits as part of the price.

Anita welcomed the initial attendees explaining that they were plreased to continue to support the work and charity fund raising that Rotary does.  She then introduced the 6 valuers.  She and her team from Great Western Auctions gave their time for free.  Money raised from the event will go to local and national charities.  

An average of just under two people attended for each payment of £10.  After the costs for hall hire, food and a  few miscelaneous items were deducted from the income a total of just under £430 was raised for charity.