Ordering the Photo Gallery pages

Galleries are pages containing slideshow images.

Any pages containing 'slideshows' will appear in the 'Photo Galleries' page automatically, without the club administrator needing to do anything. They can be 'members only' or for public display.

From the public pages, people will access the age from the 'photo galleries' button.;

The order in which these galleries are displayed can be easily altered. In the club admin area, choose 'Order Photo Galleries' from the menu. The following page opens:

Note the order matches that currently displayed in the public area.

There are two different ways you can change the order:

  1. up and down arrows
  2. drag and drop

! - Cick on one of the images. Note that up and down arrows appear. Use these to re-order the display. Press the 'update' button when finished.


2) Drag and drop; click the 'drag and drop' button (below all the images - not visible in the screenshot above) and the window changes. Simply drag and drop to reposition. Press the 'update' button when finished.