Working with Pictures and Videos

Advice for using pictures and video on your pages

Your pictures...

Images can be uploaded to all pages, but some care is needed before you try to upload;

  • Pictures should 800 x 600 pixels max if they are gong to be embedded into the body of a page. However, the 'main picture' and 'slideshow' pictures should be 1200 x 800 max.
  • Landscape format (horizontal) rather than portrait (vertical) work much better.
  • .jpg format.
  • Rename your pictures appropriately, e.g. 'Conwy-shelterbox.jpg' rather than p13482654.jpg - this will help slightly in search engines.
  • DO NOT have names such as 'my picture (600*300).jpg' as the symbols can cause problems.
  • Keep picture names less than 100 characters long (which is plenty!).

The above applies to ALL images on pages that you create (member images, for example, are smaller - but these are added to appropriate pages automatically - you don't create the pages).