Planning other pages

Fail to plan...plan to fail

Other pages;

Most of the points about the home page also apply to other pages.

  • You can afford to be more expansive on these pages, but they shouldn't be full of waffle - and they shouldn't contain reams of text.
  • Try to break long paragraphs into bullet points that are easily digestible - remember that the casual internet reader will click the back button within a couple of seconds if the page doesn't immediately grab attention or appears irrelevant.
  • Consider a 'locality' page - whilst it may not be of interest to locals, it will help with your search engine rankings. If you get someone to your site, you may keep them there with interesting pages.
  • Avoid 'Rotarians only' things like Charter Night photos - especially if it shows 'black tie' pictures; these are a turn-off for many and reinforce a false stereotype about Rotary only being for middle-class wealthy individuals.
  • That said, pages should reflect the wide range of activities in which your club is involved - these might be things that only involved members, but show what a good time members have doing the things they do! ("Oh I didn't realise that Rotary did things like that - I'd like to do that. Maybe I could join Rotary?")
  • Use pictures that are representative of your membership - which will hopefully cross generations, gender and race! Even if you have a club full of grey haired old men, try to include pictures showing involvement with different age groups. You aren't going to attract 25 yr-olds as potential members, but you might start to lower your average age a bit at a time

As a general rule: 'Less is More'

  • Avoid using too many visual gimmicks on one page.
  • Having pictures, slideshows, videos and spinning roundels appearing all at once can be distracting.
  • By using links, useful videos etc can be accessed in a more digestible fashion and have more impact.