Creating links to files

Using the html editor to create links to pdf's etc

Uploading files

Files - .pdf, .doc, videos etc must be less than 2Mb, if they are larger, consider using YouTube for videos or 'Yudu' for pdf files (many districts put their magazines on Yudu).

  • if uploading a text only file, e.g. council meeting minutes, you don't really need to be uploading a file anyway! Copy and paste the text into the body of the page. Then people don't need to wait for an attachment to open
  • Convert Word files to pdf format if possible; many people can't open .docx, for example, whereas pdf is the standard file format for the Internet.
  • As with pictures, use meaningful alphanumeric names with - or _ ONLY and try to avoid spaces in the filename. For example, website-donation-form.pdf is GOOD, p34(thf-6) ABC.pdf is BAD!

The new editor does not have a 'Paste' button. You will need to use the standard keyboard shortcuts -

Ctrl+V (PC) or Command+V (Mac). It's worth getting to know keyboard shortcuts, as they can save a huge amount of time; others include:

Ctrl+A - Select All

Ctrl+P - Print

Ctrl+S Save 

Ctrl+Z - Undo (very useful!!)

Creating Links to Files using the Advanced html Editor

Creating Links to Files using the (old) Kae's html Editor