Creating links to files

Using the html editor to create links to pdf's etc

Uploading files

Files - .pdf, .doc, videos etc must be less than 2Mb, if they are larger, consider using YouTube for videos or 'Yudu' for pdf files (many districts put their magazines on Yudu).

Do NOT post anything 'confidential' - such information should be put in the body of a members-only page, so login is required. Any files uploaded can be found by anyone on the Internet.

  • if uploading a text only file, e.g. council meeting minutes, you don't really need to be uploading a file anyway! Copy and paste the text into the body of the page. Then people don't need to wait for an attachment to open PLUS the page is secure, unlike an uploaded file.
  • Convert Word files to pdf format if possible; many people can't open .docx, for example, whereas pdf is the standard file format for the Internet.
  • As with pictures, use meaningful alphanumeric names with - or _ ONLY and try to avoid spaces in the filename. For example, website-donation-form.pdf is GOOD, p34(thf-6) ABC.pdf is BAD!

The new editor does not have a 'Paste' button. You will need to use the standard keyboard shortcuts -

Ctrl+V (PC) or Command+V (Mac). It's worth getting to know keyboard shortcuts, as they can save a huge amount of time; others include:

Ctrl+A - Select All

Ctrl+P - Print

Ctrl+S Save 

Ctrl+Z - Undo (very useful!!)

Creating Links to Files using the Advanced html Editor

Creating Links to Files using the (old) Kae's html Editor