Committee members - with permission to update 'their' pages

The club administrator can grant permission for a committee member, or more than one, to edit pages associated with their committee

If your club administrator has given you edit access to club committee pages or if you are a member of a district committee, you can view/edit your committee pages.

After log in, you may need to scroll down the member's page until you see the links to club or district committees: (note the current annual theme wil be displayed)

Click the link to your committee name; you will go to the update page for the 'main page' associated with that committee. 

The committee might be called 'Community Service Committee' - but the page associated with that committee might be called something like 'What we do locally', which is more meaningful for the public audience.

From the update page, you can also access existing pages 'below' the main page, add new pages, create slideshows etc.

Please see the other tutorial areas (creating and updating pagesworking with pictures etc) showing how to update them.

(The district committee link is only shown if you are listed as a member of the district committee)