Update Your Details

Updating your details

The process is quite straightforward. Click on the 'update my details' link on the members page, you will be shown something similar to below. Note, for obvious reasons, I have obscured some information.

Note that if you change your email address, you should update it here, otherwise the 'forgotten login details' script will not send you a reminder (only applicable if using the 'template' login method, not your RI login details).

(Gender and D.O.B. fields will only be used in non-identifying ways e.g. how many members in the 35-45 age range? How many female members in district xxxx? etc Answers are numbers only and names aren't mentioned).

Allowing the 'Display Birthday' option is helpful to other club members, as it will show on the birthday list. Note, it will show, e.g. '3rd January' - the year will not be displayed.

More options are available by clicking on the other menu items (in the red rectangle).

More infomation can be supplied if you wish - information that is helpful for communications purposes.

Chris Sweeney

Rotary GB&I Template Designer