Updating the club home page

A certain amount of knowledge is required for the picture upload - but it isn't too difficult and shouldn't stop anyone trying! See the article on 'Working with Pictures and Videos' for more information on this topic.

1) Click on the 'Club Homepage and Options' menu item. The following screen appears;

updating the home page

The 'About' field is blank if you haven't entered any text or pictures. Note that there is a word-processor like toolbar, so when you have written text, you can change the lettering style, alignement etc. See 'using the advanced html editor for more information)

NB - there is a server time-out in place, so if you spend 25 minutes writing your page, then click 'update homepage', ALL YOUR WORK AND EFFORT WILL BE WASTED as you will have been 'logged out' automatically. It is best to do a bit at a time, update, then come back to the page and add some more.

When you are happy with the results, click the 'Update Homepage' button at the bottom of the form.

Next time you visit this page, your existing text will be displayed.

Display options:

There are a number of optional display items, for example you can choose whether you want to display your 'featured' ('sticky') [ages as a carousel or as thumbnail images, whether or not you want to display club officers in the menu etc

Note: there are some aditional display options that don't relate to the home page, or example, whether or not you want members to be able to apologise in advance. Ticking this will display a link in the members area menu.

More options are available, not shown in th screenshot above.

Social Network Badges

If your club has its own Facebook/Twitter/Google+ social network page, you can insert the 'badge; code so that the feed is displayed on your home page, as in the screenshot below from RC Stanford & Corringham. The template does not generate the code for you - search Google for 'create a facebook badge' and you will find the page (you will need to be logged into your Facebook account). SImilar process for Twitter.