creating Carousels/Slideshows

Slideshows are a convenient way of displaying photo information about a page - 'a picture is worth a thousand words'

This is a simple way in which you can present a 'slideshow' of pictures about a page. ANY page type (weekly meeting, event, 'general page', Charter Celebration) can have a 'slideshow'.

If you enter pictures into the slideshow for a page, it is automatically displayed in the 'Photo Galleries' page, linked from the horizontal menu. When the page opens, the 'slideshow' is automatically active, i.e. the pictures are displayed one after another.

  • Before you start, note that images are resized to 1200 x 800 pixels and must be jpg format - so if you are uploading images straight from your camera, they are likely to be considerably bigger. The upload will either fail if the images are too big, or it will take a very long time to process, so it is much easier if you can resize your images to 1200 x 800 first.
  • Landscape format (horizontal) pictures display better than portrait (vertical) format.
  • It is also helpful for the search engines if you have meaningful name for the pictures, such as Conwy-Community-Presentation.jpg rather than P10753.jpg.
  • Filenames should ideally not have spaces in the name and be mainly alphanumeric (NONE of the following characters: !"£%^&*()'@#<>/\+)
'Slideshows' can only be added to existing pages - so you can't go to 'add a page' and try to add a slidshow to it. So the process starts with 'update a page'.

Adding a 'Main Pic' and simple slideshow