Welcome to the Rotary Club of Coventry Jubilee website. President Don Simpson and all members of the Club extend their warmest greetings to you. You will find this site of interest to you if you live or work in the Coventry area.

The website is being updated regularly so please do keep visiting back. The Club meets every Tuesday from 7:30 pm for an 8.00 pm start at the beautiful Coventry and North Warwicks Cricket Club just off the Binley road. The meetings include a delicious meal, Club business and presentations on a variety of subjects made by speakers.

Rotary is all about fellowship and service to the community. Our members enjoy friendship, fun, social support and business networking through a programme of social and leisure activities.

Should you wish to attend any of our meetings, simply fill out the form on our contacts page - you will be made most welcome by all Club members.

About Coventry Jubilee


The Rotary Club of Coventry Jubilee was formed back in 1977 (the year of the Queens' Silver Jubilee) and is one of five Rotary in Coventry clubs.

The year that the club formed was also notable for the incorporation of AppleComputers. It was also the year that a psychic called Romark attempted to drive blindfolded, guided only by his psychic powers - he promptly crashed into a Police van.

We are extremely proud that several of our members have been with the club since it's formation.

Our club banner represents the Coventry Cross, a monument first erected in Coventry in 1423 to denote the medieval market place. The Coventry Cross was rebuilt in 1544 and was said to be the most beautiful market cross in the country as it was decorated with many statues of kings and saints, and as well as being brightly painted, it was also covered with much gold. It was said at the time that on a sunny day, people could not bear to look directly at it! After falling to decay it was demolished in 1778 and not rebuilt until the 1960's.

Coventry benefits from having 5 Rotary Clubs, each meeting at different times in the week and at various venues. Coventry also has a Rotaract Club which is ideally suited for 18-30 year olds.You can see more information about these other clubs here.



What Coventry Jubilee Rotarians Do


In addition to offering members fellowship and fun, Rotarians develop community service projects that address many of today's most critical issues, such as children at risk, poverty and hunger, the environment, illiteracy, and violence. The club has always supported the local community together with national and international projects. These include, amongst others:
  • Supporting Youth Opportunities such as Young Entertainer, Young Innovator, Youth Speaks, Young Chef, Youth Music etc.
  • Providing 'Easter Parcels' to worthy recipients
  • Supporting Disabled Sports
  • Providing Holidays to Blackpool to the elderly, widowed, disabled and under-privileged
  • Supporting and raising funds for charities such as the Air Ambulance, the Myton Hospice and the Bwengu Project
  • Funding talented Coventry-based athletes for the 2012 olympics
  • Funding youth education and international exchanges for students, teachers, and other worthy professionals for vocational and career development.
  • Supporting the Rotary mission for the eradication of Polio across the world.


Ways in which you can help

Become a member - Membership of Rotary all over the world is by invitation, once a member you will be welcome at all Clubs over the world. Club membership is open to men and women of any race and age. If you are interested in becoming a member, attending a meeting, speaking at a meeting or supporting the club in any way please contact us via our Contact Page.

Help our fund-raising events - You will often see Rotarians out in the Coventry town center and surrounding areas, particularly around Christmas time, raising funds for various charities. We wear distinctive reflective tabards with the Rotary 'Humanity in Motion' Emblem. So if you do see us, please do make a contribution - however small. All monies raised go directly to the charities we support.

Make a donation - by selecting an amount, clicking on the Donate button below and filling the form, you can donate any amount from �1.00 upwards. The donations are securely managed by Paypal and all of the money received will be used for the good causes we support.

Select an amount and click the Donate button

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Visit this website regularly - this site is always being updated with news about forthcoming events, fundraising competitions, updates on the causes we are supporting and press bulletins. So please do visit the site regularly and discover other ways you can assist.

Help spread the word - Ask your friends, relatives and colleagues to visit this website so that together we can raise awareness of the issues being addressed and causes that we support.

Meeting Information...

We meet on Tuesdays at 7.30pm for 8.00pm start Coventry & North Warwickshire Cricket Club, Binley Road,
Coventry CV3 1HB tel: 024 7645 1426