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Monmouth Rotary Club Draw

Please collect your tickets on February 3rd at the Royal Oak 5:30 to 6:45 or after 8:30 Read more

Clothes packed ready for shipment

Sandra's Baby Clothes Project

Clothes packed ready for shipmentRead more


Walk the Wye

Sun 15th May Read more


In the Rotary year ending 30th June 2015, the Monmouth Club donated nearly �60,000.00 to charity. Principally to St Davids Foundation Hospice Care,In The Pink Breast Cancer Research Charity and Breast cancer research at Valindra Hospital  HospitalHhhhand Vale Breast Cancer Research, Overmonnow Special Needs Unit, Shelter boxes, Macmillan Cancer Support, Wales Air Ambulance, Bridges Community Centre and many other charities.


  www.stdavidsfoundation.co.uk           www.pinkwalks.co.uk              www.shelterbox.org         www.bridgescommunity.org.uk 

The main fund raising events for Monmouth Rotary Club

  • Model Railway Exhibition  - 8th February 2015
  • The Lower Wye Valley Walk -10th May 2015  www.walkthewye.com       
  • The Monmouth Raft Race - 6th September 2015   www.monmouthraftrace.com
  • Bonfire Night 5th November
  • Christmas Sleigh and Street Collections              

In the 2015 / 2016 Financial Year, Monmouth Rotary Club is planning to run the same fund raising events, with St David's Foundation Hospice Care and In The Pink Breast Cancer Research Charity being the main beneficiaries, whilst generous contributions will be made to other charitable organisations.

The Club will support various youth initiatives, (Youth Speaks, RYLA and Young Chef) and will also continue to give support and guidance to the Monmouth People First group. This is a volunteer group which has been established in Monmouth to help young adults with learning difficulties.

In addition the club will for the first time in 2016 run the Monmouth Rotary Club Draw - Tickets will be sold by various local charities for a draw to be help in June. All proceeds from the Draw will be retained by the organisation selling the ticket. The Rotary Club of Monmouth will provide administration, underwrite the prizes and run the draw itself. 

Come along to a meeting and see for yourself

Every Wednesday - 6.45pm for 7:00pm at The Royal Oak, Hereford Rd, Monmouth