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Ways & Means

Our Fund Raising Programme for the new Rotary Year is in place and will be every bit as busy as in previous years. As always, we need your help, not only to deliver these events, but also for all club members to encourage family, friends and colleagues to attend. 

Our first fundraising event of the year will be our 8th Annual Charity Oktoberfest at our new venue, Slessor Gardens just behind the new V&A Building,. It will held over three days 26th 27th and 28th September, on Thursday and Friday from 6.00pm to 11pm each evening. On Saturday we'll start at 2pm in the afternoon and go right through until midnight. Arrangements are coming together as we prepare for this event. We have as a head-line act on the Friday night Magic Queen and on the Saturday night Heaven 17.We will once again provide a full and mixed musical programme on each of the three evenings, along with an interesting and varied selection of beers, stouts and craft lagers. Our objective, as always, is to have a bigger, better and more successful event; so look out for the separate webpage and on Facebook for booking details. Staging this event is a major undertaking on behalf of the Club and we will require as many Rotarians and their families as possible to help. 

Our next event is the 34th Annual Charity Dinner in the Invercarse Hotel on Friday 7th February. This will repeat our successful format but we have moved the event to February which we expect will be a better time for our guests. The speakers are well known sports personality Hazel Irvine and John O’Neill. This is a wonderful evening of good food, excellent hospitality and great entertainment for everyone. As normal we will look for support from Rotarians and the wider business community to raise funds for charities through our prize draw, silent auction and main auction

Swimarathon took place in February 2019 and our picture shows the Civic Reception hosted by Lord Provost . This event is one of the biggest participation events we run with almost 240 swimmers raising money that they can donate to charities that are of special interest to them. Our Rotary Club uses the organisational skills of our members and puts them at the disposal of the local community. Groups of friends, 6 is the number, are encouraged to enter a team and seek sponsorship for the charity of their choice. As a guide charities have benefitted by over £20000 being raised at this event which takes place in the Olympia Swimming Pool. Our next Swimarathon will again be held at Olympia on Sunday 23rd February 2020

This year we hope to continue to help the local community to raise somewhere in the order of £50,000 for charity.

Roy McLellan 

Chair, Ways & Means Committee

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