Interact Club

Interact is Rotary International's service club for young people aged between 12 and 18. The Interact club in Llantwit Major is made up of year 12 and 13 students from Llantwit Major Comprehensive School

Within Rotary International there are Clubs for young people called Interact Clubs which provide for young people between the ages of 14 years and 20 years of age. There are two types of Interact Club, one is Community based and the other School based. The School based Club meets at the School and meetings are held in school time.

In 2010 with the full support of the Head Teacher and Staff a School based Interact Club was formed at the Llantwit Major School under the watchful eye of their Mother Club the Rotary Club of Llantwit Major.

The Club is comprised of boys and girls from the sixth form and in their first year they were able to raise funds for three charities and also assisted their Mother Club to organise a Duck Race which raised funds for charities nominated by both the Rotary and Interact Club. In addition members of the Club spent two Saturday mornings and one evening cleaning litter deposited outside the school perimeter.

Sadly at the end of the first year the older students reaching school leaving age left us and some took up outside vocations whilst others continued their education at various Universities. However, despite the loss, the members still at school having spent the first year in the Club soon took over and were joined by other sixth formers and raised their numbers to 42.  One of the highest numbers in an Interact Club in Rotary in the UK.

They continued to follow the work of previous members and have raised funds for various charities. One highlighted was the Copper Mile where students at the School plus staff and members of the Rotary Club formed a mile of one penny and two penny coins and raised £130. It was a cold and wet day but the boys and girls stuck to their task.

Within the Rotary movement, Peace issues are very much part of the Rotary programme. Not to be out sold in having a first the members have worked hard and again with the full support of the Head Teacher, members of Staff and Rotary have organised a Peace Conference to be held at the School on Wednesday 17th July, 2013. Various speakers involved in Peace issues will address delegates on the title "Peace throughout the World" In addition the members of the Interact Club will participate with their own particular views on the subject. Follow link to separate page.

Sadly again the time to say goodbye to the current officers is closing in on the Club, and voting for the new Officers will take place on the first meeting after the Easter break.    This will then give the new team of Officers some time to shadow the current Officers in a learning exercise ready to take over after the summer break.

Although the Club will be saying goodbye to a number of good friends who will be missed, we all join in wishing them every success in their further education and vocations.  Those coming back after the summer break hope that those who can join us will do so and keep Interact well and truly active and interesting.

Anyone wishing further information regarding the activities of the Club can pose questions on eMail to the Interact Club on and one of the club members will reply.