7:30pm PRESIDENTS NIGHT at the Clive Hotel, Ludlow

Wed 25th September 2013 at 19.00 - 23.00

Another one of our very enjoyable black tie events, with home spun entertainment and a lot of laughs.

This evening was President Clive's special night, with a wide range of home spun entertainment accompanying good food and good company. The evening kicked off with President elect Sheila telling a great joke to warm up the audience. Ian and Carolyn were up next with an excellent presentation of the news, with each news item covering a particular Rotarian with accompanying pictures. Very clever and deservedly the winner of the Richard Morgan trophy for entertainment, voted for at the end of the evening by a number of our very welcome guests. The other entrants for this "competition" were Ivan and Cathy with their amusing " day in the life of a vet", Paul and Norman with some entertaining jokes and Dorothy with an excellent self penned poem about the thing we all dread - getting old! Ian then read out a wonderful poem which can be found in the following attachment:  /upimages/clubfiles/931//The President and the Governor.doc - well worth a read and highly amusing. But the winner of the best joke of the evening was Sheila's about trousers and knickers - you need to ask her yourself if you weren't there! A great night and shows, yet again, what talented members we have in this Rotary Club! Hope to see you at the next one. 

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