7:30pm Dinner - Speaker

Wed 2nd October 2013

We warmly welcome Anne Cummings this evening.

On Wednesday our guest speaker was Anne Cummings, a local resident who often attends our Rotary pub quizzes along with her husband Colin. Anne is a qualified Graphologist and Emotional Therapist and a published author and came along to talk to us about graphology - the analysis of handwriting to determine character and personality.

This all sounds a bit deep but actually it was a fun night. Many of us submitted anonymous samples ofour handwriting (except Kim who was in hospital and who openly admits that his handwriting cannot be read by anyone - even a doctor) and we sat waiting for our turn to be analysed.

Fortunately no psychopaths were identified but we do have a good mix of kind,  caring people, logical thinkers, quick thinkers and people who get things done.  For one person  "his mind outruns his body" and another "likes to get her own way" - fortunately they are not a couple !  All this can be summised from the direction of slant of our handriting, how well we fill the page, our choice of paper size , lines, spacing, margins and hidden symbols  Our "PPI" , (the personal pronoun "I"),  can become  important symbol and turning one members's example upside down revealed that the number 20 is a hidden symbol. (Is it her Lottery number I wonder?).

There was obviously some scepticism as graphology is not an exact science but most of us agreed  with most of the analysis, most of the time. ! Many thanks to Anne for her fascinating insight into this very interesting area of the mind.