The Future of Reservists

Colin Vooght from SaBRE addresses the Club

President Rab Smith & Colin Vooght


Reservists are required


At a recent meeting of Dumfries Rotary Club, President Rab Smith introduced Colin Vooght to address members on the subject of SaBRE.

Colin explained that he served in the Armed Forces for many years, latterly as RSM. During his service, he became aware of the many tasks performed by what was then known as the Territorial Army. He quoted the example of going on exercise while serving in Germany, this particular one involving alpine skiing. Temporary services such as a bath unit, laundry and mobile bakery were all provided by members of the TA. This sort of outside, temporary involvement has been a feature of the workings of our Armed Forces for many years. The recent and on-going involvement in Afghanistan has been a perfect example of the value of Service Reservists, the skills of medical specialists being particularly vital.

Readers may remember that, not long ago, the future of the TA was in doubt. How things have changed.  As belts have had to be tightened, and cuts made, it has been realised that reservists are invaluable. They are much cheaper to finance than a regular serviceman, and their skills can be called upon on an ad hoc basis.

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