Youth Day - Host: DG Cath Chorley

Thu 25th April 2013 at 13.00 - 15.00

Youth Day - The photograph shows the District Governor, Cath Chorley with our President Alastair Scott together with our guests from the various schools representing Rotaract and Interact Clubs

The Rotary Club of Dundee welcomed the District Governor to lunch today along with some 29 guests who represent much of what Rotary is all about here in our community. The reason for the guests was to celebrate the contribution to the Rotary family made by our 3 Interact Clubs and our Rotaract club.

Each year the Rotary Club and its younger siblings spend some of their time raising money for worthwhile causes, the rest of the time is spent having fun! Having fun whilst raising money for others less fortunate than ourselves seems a good way to spend our time and will perhaps go some way to recognise the obligation that society places on each and every one of us.

The Dundee Rotary Club is a big successful club and we raise in the region of