Our club Handover Meeting venue TBC.

Wed 2nd July 2014 at 19.15 - 22.00

The evening when President Clive became a " has been" and President Elect Sheila became "king ( or should that be queen?) pin".

As always a good evening with light entertainment to balance out the formalities of the night. You can sense the atmosphere from the photos attached - the food was good, the service leisurely and the conversation lively. Clive, Ian, Kim and Norman told good ( yes they were!) jokes, Ian did a Monty Python sketch, Sheila did a reading and Dorothy read a poem she had written for Sheila /upimages/clubfiles/931//Dorothy's poem for Sheila 2.7.14.docx As well as the usual exchange of regalia, Sheila presented Norman with a Treasurer's "pin" and Ivan with a "Sergeant at Arms" pin - she had brought these back from the RI Convention in Sydney ( now who is name dropping!). Clive and Sheila gave inspirational speeches of acceptance and the evening finished up with Serg Ivan ( now official - he has a badge and everything!) fining everyone for everything! A great start to what will be a great year for President Sheila and the Club - looking forward to it! 

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