Steak and bowls at the Grove in Leominster

Wed 30th March 2016 at 19.00 - 21.30

This is the fifth Wednesday of the month and we enjoyed a social evening at the Grove....

This is one the many enjoyable social events we hold and as usual the steak was tasty and the conversation lively. It was nice to welcome guests Andrea and Colin to the "Steak and Bowls Fold" as well as regulars Steve and Vi. There were always plenty of laughs and groans as the evening progressed with quite a few cheers as strikes were bowled. Overall the consistancy was not the best because Cathy, the queen of inconsistancy, got the highest score at 113. Her team also got the highest combined score of 449 but well done to everyone who came within striking distance! Another very enjoyable evening and looking forward to the next one on Wednesday June 30th - unless we want to try Pizza and Bowls on Thursday July 1st? Your thoughts? 

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