Club Assembly

Wed 7th June 2017 at 18.30 - 20.00

PP Peter Gardner is made a Paul Harris Fellow

Club Assembly 2017-2018

We were pleased to see AG Dick Johnson (Rotary Club of Ulverston) who listened patiently to our plans and paid some undeserving compliments. But before everything started, President Mike asked us all to stand for a minutes silence, (second time in three weeks) - for the criminal London Bridge terrorist attack.

He then had a very pleasant duty to perform, which was to present Past President Peter Gardner with a Paul Harris Fellowship Award.

President Elect Gordon then took over and asked the incoming chairs to disclose their plans for the forth coming rotary year...

1.    Club Service - Colin Scraggs

Aims and objectives for the 2016/2017 Rotary year
•    Support President Gordon Turner in his role as president of the Rotary Club of Furness.
•    Build on the relationship with Barrow Golf Club and Hartley’s and deal with any issues as they arise.
•    Organise the Out meetings. Discuss options with both President Gordon and the Membership Chair to invite prospective members for fun and fellowship. Build on the Social side with other events not necessarily on Wednesdays.
•    Ensure there is a full speaker programme and speaker hosts understand their responsibilities in this area.

2.    Community - Peter Garwood PHF

I have not yet had the opportunity to discuss the following with of my new committee, I intend  to forward a copy of this document to them  ready for further discussion at the next business meeting. It is my intention to persuade ALL  Club Members that “Service above Self ”  applies to every Rotarian ,and that volunteering for projects and doing , is as much a part of being in Rotary as turning up on a Wednesday night and wearing a badge , with the hope that I will get  even more  support this coming year.
ON Going
Continue to Collect the Bar codes from Yorkshire Tea Boxes to be redeemed for points with the intention of converting points into wheelchairs.
Continue our support for the Hospital Garden Project that we are under way with at the moment and assist with any future plans for gardens  that the team at Dane Garth may have.
Liase with Martin and  organise another  work party for decorating purpose  at the Dalton Community Center (Drill Hall).
To contact Vicky Pine  and the organisers of Alices Escapes and see if we can offer any assistance as a club to any of the numerous fund raising events that they are planning.
October / November
To continue to assist the Royal British Legion with the distribution and collection of Poppies and Boxes for their annual Poppy Appeal .
To look at the Tin Collection for the Homeless ,which is provisionally booked for  Sunday 10th  December 2017 with the hope that greater support will be forthcoming as we should be able to concentrate all our efforts and manpower into the weekend when the majority  of Rotary are not working   and see , what if any changes need to be made to the format / promotion / staffing.
To offer our support to the organiser of the Keswick to Barrow walk and remind club members that we receive a very generous donation from the K2B committee for very little effort.
To continue to support the Life Education Caravan and offer our help to collect and deliver it to the schools that have booked it in the Barrow area.
June /July
To discuss with my committee ways that we as a club can assist  St Mary’s Hospice , possibly by offering  the clubs  support  by way of Marshals for the Moonlight Walk to Remember or for any other event that the Hospice is organising.
Look at and consider any worthwhile project within the community  that requires our physical or managerial support and input.
To assist support promote or provide guidance for any other worthwhile project that is received for discussion by my committee.
To offer our assistance to the other two Rotary Clubs in projects  or events that they are involved in and that require extra manpower.
To liase with the other clubs to organise staff and run another organ donation registration day.
To look at RIBI projects and see if we can offer support or get involved as a club.

3.    Youth - Richard Johnston

•    For the year 2017 to 2018 the intention is to carry on very much as before with the club supporting the activities of the local schools and continuing our support for Walney School Interact Club.
•    This includes the Young Chef where it is hoped schools, in addition to Dowdales, will take part, the Textile Tech program and with Barrow Rotary the Tech Tourno. Towards the end of the Rotary year we will also organise/support the 'Kids Out' event which I understand will be our responsibility for the coming year. In the past two years Furness Rotary members have volunteered to take part in the schools 'mock interview' events and I would like to see this continue with the forming of a data base of members willing to take part, possibly to include their areas of expertise. Schools/agencies could be provided with a single point of contact within Furness Rotary who then could at short notice provide numbers of volunteers.

4.    Foundation & International - Peter Gardner PHF

We will continue to provide:-
•    Support and contribution to Rotary's humanitarian reach around the globe to promote world understanding and peace.
•    Support the effort to eradicate Polio
Contributions to Rotary's Charity ( Foundation)
•    Provide support to local Scout Group
•    Further support to two projects in Africa (Football coaches and Orphaned children)
•    Shelter Boxes as needed
•    Aqua Boxes as needed
•    Arrange a visit to an overseas Rotary Club
•    Should the situation arise we would also consider joining with another Rotary Club in funding an International Project.

5.    Membership - Mike Silver

•    Membership will  aim this year to recruit 3 to 4 new members to increase our membership to 40.

6.    Sports - Paul Silver

We will participate in 2017-2018 in the following events…
•    Crown Green Bowling
•    10 Pin Bowling
•    Grey Games
•    Snooker
•    Quiz (if we can find enough brain cells)

7.    Tour de Furness - Dave Salt PHF

      Already plans are well advanced for our 2017 Tour de Furness with several riders
      signed  up, we hope that we will be able to break all records and that this year our
      4th Fund raising Option – for the FGH Maternity Unit is successful.