Rotary Football

held each year at St George's Park, Burton upon Trent

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Under 12s Inter-District Football Competition

organised by the Rotary Club of Burton upon Trent since 2012

This is a really exciting event.   The players are so incredibly enthusiastic it’s infectious!   It is also an opportunity to reach parts of your local community where Rotary is virtually unknown, a source of potential members and helpers!

Played under 5 a side rules, the competition is open to all Districts.   Players (of either sex) should be under 12 on 31st August of the preceding year.   The squad consists of up to 10 players with a team of 5 on the field at any one time.   The only restriction is that the team cannot be formed of Football Academy players.

Each District can enter only one team in the National Finals, which are played in early June at St George's Park, the home of English Football.   Every young footballer dreams of playing there!

For information and entry forms for the Inter-District (National) and our District (1220) competitions, click here.

Preliminary Organisation

Do encourage Rotary Clubs in your District to try and raise a team from local schools or community footbally teams.

Some Districts arrange a knockout competition to choose their representative in the final.   If you find the idea daunting, contact a local youth team and ask to be put in touch with the area Football Organiser; explain what you are trying to do and ask for help.   Most likely they will offer to do it for you.   They know all the rules, have access to facilities, and are in contact with local youth team managers.   Football Clubs are also familiar with organising their own transport.

You do need to complete the appropriate H&S Risk Assessment in order to ensure Rotary Insurance cover.

Also you will need to ensure publicity via the local press and radio.

If you have a professional Football Team in your area, try to get them on board, but remember they cannot enter their Academy Team.


The date for entries to the National Final is 30th April with squad names by 31st May.   Please send the entry fee together with your completed application form.

It is not essential to complete the District Knockout Competition first, and there is no need to name the team on your initial entry form.   However, all the information about your team must be provided by the end of April.

If you need any further information or advice, please contact us.

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