Ready for Haiti.

Adrian Brewer working with both safe water charities "“ Lifestraw and Aquabox.

As we are all aware Hurricane Matthew has struck and destroyed homes and lives in Haiti. The devastation that it has left behind for these people means that they are without even their basic need of clean safe water.

We have been grateful for donations and support that we have received so far and have been able to provide instant disaster aid, by working with our Rotary Network and as a result have been able to send personal Lifestraw and family models providing3 million litres of safe water within 48 hours of dispatch.

Thanks to Adrian Brewer of “Roll Out the Barrel” charity who coordinated Aqua box and Brynmawr Rotary LifeStraw to ensure the aid was directed to the disaster area immediately. We are very grateful for the amount of donations received so rapidly from our Rotary Clubs for without your generosity this emergency aid would not have been possible.

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