Clevedon Yeo AGM 2017

Held on 3rd May 2017 at The Walton Park Hotel, Clevedon

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Annual General Meeting

3rd May 2017


1. Welcome to visitors-No visitors but all members present

2. Presidents report-

Attached: Click Here

3. Treasurer’s report and budget proposal for 2017/18-Treasurers report

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After discussion it was agreed to increase subs to £94. The Presidents honorarium was discussed and queries raised as to its current level. Will remain in place unless incoming President declines it.

4. Confirming Honorary member Julia Elton –after discussion confirmed again with a majority vote (3 against/abstentions) YK will send a covering letter/planner to her

5. Appointing a person to examine the club accounts for 2017/18-Helen Riley kindly volunteered

6. Appointment of a representative and a substitute to attend District council-Chris Morris with Mike Lindsey as deputy

Thereafter any club business to be taken.

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