Young Inventor Competition

Mon 8th May 2017 at 15.15 - 16.15

Llantwit Major School design technology students competed for the Ledley Engineering shield

The annual Llantwit Major Rotary Club Young Inventors competition was held at Llantwit Major Comprehensive School on Monday 8th May. The competition pieces formed part of the competitors’ AS-level submissions in Product Design and centred around lighting. First prize and the Ledley Engineering shield went to Harry Bligh with his stylistically innovative design for a bedside light which although powered by an array of LED lights, took the form of a conventional light bulb. Second place was awarded to Robert Vivian who had designed and constructed a light fitting that could be produced in kit form. The base of the light fitting was made out of a recycled food can Third place was awarded to Joshua Mundy who had taken an Ikea modular design and improved upon its utility. The judging panel of Rotarians Tom Carnduff, Del Williams and Richard Vidler congratulated the students on their designs and wished them well for this year's AS-levels and hoped that they would continue to take A-level in Product Design next academic year.